Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Many attempts.........

Now here's a post I've been trying to put up since Saturday.... But everytime I put it up, something or the other goes wrong with my page!!!! And the best part is, the moment i un-publish it (that is, if i save it as a draft or delete the post) the page becomes fine again!!! Can't figure it out..... maybe blogger doesn't like what I have to say!!!
But what the heck, I'm posting it again.....
I was at this seminar on the 10th and 11th... it was a techie seminar on the way IT has and is changing India.... Oh no, I am not gonna bore u guys with thw details of who came and said what.... the reason I mention this seminar is - during his talk, one speaker said that management experts give many theories and models for bringing about changes. But the problem arises when we try to put them to practice! Isn't that true? We read and hear about this theory and that, but while putting it to practice, well its another story all together.
So, this gentleman says that in the fifty odd years of his career, he has found that three models can be used to bring about the change in any sort os situation. So here, I want to share those three models with you!

Sleeping Beauty - This princess whom we know as sleeping beauty was put under a curse, and she went to sleep. But all that was needed to wake her was a kiss of love from her prince!
There are situations that can be changed by the slightest effort. Like a tree with low hanging fruits. All thats needed to do is strech out a bit, and you can pluck the fruit off the tree. A minimum effort with the right focus can easily bring about the change that we want.
My fair lady - Eliza was a poor flower girl who was transformed into a prim, high society lady by our hero. He changed her dressing style, her speech, her manner, her conduct and finally Eliza does pass off as a society lady!
When a large change is needed, its best to go step by step. Change one thing after another. And eventually, you will realise that a lot has changed. This is effective since only one thing is being changed at one time - there is lot of focus. And whatever progress you are making, is there for you to see. Winning each little battle to eventually win the war.
Michelangelo - Michelangelo was once asked how he manages to make such beautiful statues from stones. He said " When I see a stone, I see a statue in it. I simply chip away all that is extra, and my statue is ready"
When you want to change something to something else, just get rid of all that is unwanted. And your block of stone will turn into a beautiful statue!

Sounds simple doesn't it?