Monday, August 22, 2005

A change of direction.....

Last 15 days were chaotic...... They were confusing........ and in those days, I made the biggest decision of my career...... I left my safe and sound technical job and have moved to a totally new field. At this point, I take a 180 degree turn and move to advertising and marketing........ same company, same office, new profile....
I am exited, nervous, scared and looking forward to whats in store......!!!
Am I going to be busier than before???? I don't know..... but if I am, it will be an even slower Progati!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I'm happy today...... why? I don't know...... I just can't explain the reason. Its one of those times that you feel on the top of the world just like that....... At work, the day's been fine. Last couple of days have been busy, very busy. But that never troubled me. In fact, I like being busy.... Its the tension that I could have done without. But today, I feel light...... still have loads of work to do..... and the coming weeks could be tough, but I feel geared up to face the challenges, I feel hopeful.
Am just crossing my fingers, hoping everything works out well. And the tiny fear that a million things can go wrong is slowly fading out....
The break in Progati is regretted. I was having fun writing that stroy, but my hectic schedule has not allowed me to write. But I will finish that story..... thats for sure! :)