Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oh wow!!!

Thats what I say when I get anything unexpectedly....

A big "Oh WOW" and an even bigger grin :D

So what did I get now? Nominations!!!

When Saba posted about Bloggeratti, I thought this is cool...... I was looking forward to voting......
When Saba asked for entries, I thoght I should enter..... at least for the best template category...... when I was writing, I ended up sending entries for most categories......

And then, the wait for the nominations began.......

When Saba said nominations will be out, I had a teeny-weeny wish that my template be nominated.....

But when the nominations were out, I had not one, not two, but three nominations!!!!!
Thats when I went "Oh WOW!!!!"

I have been nominated for-

Best template!!! (Blogfrocks zindabaad)
Best fiction!!! (
Kaya's story - the first I ever wrote)
Best humor!!! (
Red roses)

And so, fellow bloggers, my heart goes Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

ps - Not a bad time to ask for votes!!! so if you like what I've done, please do vote for me.... the bloggeratti rules are up at Saba's blog and Anubha's blog.