Saturday, November 05, 2005

Seven Things...

I had decided to do this after Progati.... so here goes!

Seven Things you want to do before you die:
  1. Learn to drive - I'm soooooo scared of driving!!!

  2. Sample all the cuisines of the world!!!! - I'm a foodie all the way!

  3. Write a book (and probably have it published)

  4. Direct a film or perhaps a play - Wishful thinking *sigh*

  5. Loose weight!!!! - Forever on my to-do list!

  6. Read every book written! - This is a tough one!

  7. Understand myself - This is tougher!!!

Seven Things you can do:
  1. Play Antakshari non-stop for four hours! (If it was allowed, I'd turn pro at this!)

  2. Sweet-talk my way out of most situations - Most, not all!

  3. Paint - not very good, but still manage to paint.

  4. Crack silly jokes the whole day! (All my friends will vouch for this)

  5. Hum songs the whole day, even while taking a test! (Some friends will vouch for this too!)

  6. Watch Chupke Chupke any time of the day! (I've seen it about 21 times...)

  7. Take six months to write an 18-page story - And this is something only I can do!!!

Seven Things you say most:
  1. What rubbish!

  2. What? (In a screechy voice!)

  3. Helloooooo

  4. Now what?

  5. Was that a joke? Am I supposed to laugh?

  6. Oh grub!

  7. Welcome to the club!

Seven Things you can't do:
  1. Stay awake the whole night - I just have to have to sleep

  2. Drink Tea / Coffee with sugar in it!

  3. Eat food that is not cooked well - Most of my office canteen food comes under this category

  4. Sing well - sur mujhse door door tak koi rishta nahi rakhte!

  5. See boring art films - I just don't have the patience!

  6. Listen to rock music for more than ten minutes - sorry bro!

  7. Flatter people just to wriggle benefit out of them!

Seven Things that attract you to the opposite sex:
  1. Wit - A good one!

  2. Intelligence - Decent amount of it...

  3. Smile - A genuine, nice smile...

  4. Patience -To listen to all my bad jokes...

  5. Height - Tall guys can be so dashing... No?

  6. Sense of style - A classy one!

  7. Self Confidence - But not too much of it!

Seven Celebrity crushes:
  1. SRK

  2. Matt Damon

  3. Abhishek Bachchan
Ummmmmm????????? Can't think of any more!!!! :)

Seven People you want to tag:
  1. Silky

  2. Bhagya

  3. Seema

  4. RS

  5. Akshaya

  6. Anki

  7. Punu

In case, you are all amazed at the frequency of posts on my blog, well all I can say is, Welcome to the club!