Thursday, December 01, 2005

I forgot again!!!

I never wish my friends on their birthdays. Not that I don't want to, I just can't remember birthdays. One of them even said, "If you wish me on my birthday now, I'll faint out of surprise!". And true to my nature, I forgot another birthday yesterday.... the birthday of my blog.

I was introduced to blogging by Anu, my bro. I read his blog and thought blogging was cool. He has stopped blogging now, but you can still read his accounts of his first days of college here. I was intrigued by blogging, but the idea of starting my own blog popped in my mind when Gaurav mailed a post of his to R-Gang (No doubt you guys are wondering what R-gang is... a couple of youngsters crazy, fun-loving, caring, educated gang of youngsters, engineers mostly.....) So, I read his post and asked him for the url. I read his blog and thought of getting one for myself. So I did! A big thank you to Anu and Gaurav for getting me started... and hooked!

When it came to writing on my blog, writing a story was the most natural choice. I have always been making stories in my head... I remember when we were kids, I used to tell bedtime stories to Anu. Soon, he got bored of listening to all the famous ones, and I got bored of repeating them. So, I began making up stories of princes and princesses, fascinating far away lands, and cities of dwarfs up in the clouds! Sometime later we outgrew the bedtime stories, but I didn't stop thinking up stories in my head... problem was, the stories remained there, in my head!

And so I started writing Kaya's story on 30th November 2004. Along the way, I made a lot of blog buddies. But a special mention for DJ and Ashish, for all the inspiration I get from them... of Silky and Kaush for just being so sweet... of Anki, my namesake... of Akshaya for his honest reviews... of Red for her thought provoking posts... of Ricky for his cool comments (and for all the smilies he uses!)... of Colors and Dr. Vicky and Bhagya and Seema and Tony... and of all the silent readers who read my ramblings.... Thank you guys... Its only because of you that I managed to write and complete the stories.... Not just Kaya's story, but Progati too...
Ok, so here I go....
"Happy b'day to you... Happy b'day to you... Happy b'day my bloggie.... Happy b'day to you..."