Monday, December 18, 2006


When I looked at my face in the morning, I found a stranger looking back at me. This stranger seemed familiar – had the same shaped nose and eyes, same colour of skin and hair, and the same gold rimmed spectacles on that I had on my face. What she didn’t have was the twinkle in her eye, the smile on her lips or the excitement of a new day. I don’t recognize this stranger, and I am scared of facing her again.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I’ve never had too many friends. Acquaintances yes, but not friends. Because, I don’t call casual acquaintances my friends. For me, a friend is someone I relate to, I open out to. Someone I can understand and someone who can understand me. And that’s the reason why I have a whole lot of acquaintances, whom I call my outer circle, but not friends – the inner circle.

It’s been like this for a long time – school actually, when I had friends who didn’t like me much. That was when I realized that every Tom, Dick and Harry can not be your friend. You need to choose your friends with care. And those who are not your friends shouldn’t really affect you much. I then built a defense mechanism of sorts, letting very few people close to me. It allowed me to become emotionally independent and the effect has been good and bad. I can be a lone operator – I know I can function in isolation and function well. I don’t crack up due to lack of company.

The flip side is that I’ve become too independent – and that affects my friendship with the few close friends that I do have. When there are problems, I tend to adopt an I-don’t-need-them-if-they-don’t-need-me attitude. Because of this, in the past I’ve lost some real great friends. And I’m on my way to lose another.

Monday, November 27, 2006


You Are a Fortune Cookie

You're a rather normal person, except that you have extraordinary luck in life.
People want to be around you (even when they're a little sick of you), in hopes of being lucky too!

The random thing tag...

For you Juneli...

I talk to myself… all the time

I absolutely love having coffee, but will go without it for days because I feel I’m overdoing it

I can’t be mean to others… well, most of the time

I can’t stand raw onions… ewww

I cut my long painfully straight hair recently (and am loving the look)

I love bursting bubble wrap (What, this is supposed to be random thingie tag…. right?)

I attract smoke… whenever any of my colleagues are smoking in the vicinity, the wind changes direction and smoke blows in my direction!

I love the smell of first rain…

Not tagging anybody, coz Juneli has tagged them all...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What do we do?

Sometimes, we don’t get what we want. Actually, it’s very often that we don’t get what we want. And we are completely helpless to do anything about it. Do we stop wishing then? Or do we carry our wish in our heart, a dim hope tucked away in a corner that the wish comes true; and carry on doing what we have to do, instead of doing what we want to do?

When the choice is between what you have to do and what you want to do, which is the right choice? Sometimes, there are only questions and no answers. And in such a state of mind, we keep up appearances – smiling, laughing, chattering as usual – all the while inwardly cringing to seek a release from all the pain. And yet, the release does not come easy. But we continue, not wanting to hurt those around us, those who love us, those who care for us… But what do we do when we get tired of all the acting? When the burden of our emotions becomes too heavy to carry?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A baffling question...

'Didi, kya aapne Shah Rukh Khan ko dekha hai?' so asked a second cousin of mine, in an innocent voice and hopeful eyes. 'Nahi, par maine uska ghar dekha hai' I said and chuckled, expecting her to do the same, but with one look at her crestfallen face, killed that chuckle halfway through. 'But you stay in Bombay na' she said. So do crores of others, I wanted to tell her, but somehow didn't have the heart to tell her that just because I stayed in Bombay, didn't mean I did my morning walks with superstars......! Not that I do any morning walks, but it does bring me to my favourite question of all times, why are we crazy about celebrity sightings? All Indians, as a rule are crazy about film stars, cricket stars, TV stars, and every other celebrity worth their fifteen minutes of fame......! I remember the frenzy in a suburban shopping mall when one of the Indian idol finalists was campaigning, it was a madhouse and he wasn't even a star then.

What is this strange fixation with celebrity sightings is something I fail to understand. I mean a celebrity is just another person na? Has two eyes, one nose, two hands, one mouth, two legs and no tentacles sprouting from the head.... Just like all of us.... So why are we so eager to get a glimpse, a nanosecond peak at them? Agreed that in real life, they look nothing close to what they do in reel life, and the fact is that with make up, they only look better. In real life, with no pancake, no special lighting and no clever camera angles to enhance their looks, we get to see them the way nature intended to. And trust me guys, in most cases, it is no treat… My own myth was broken early... I must have been eight or nine when I attended a wedding where a host of Bollywood 'beauties' were in attendance. And when I saw Madhuri's acne ridden face, Meenakshi Seshadri’s limp hair and Anita Raaj’s dusky skin, the gorgeous princesses turned into ugly witches. Since then there have been numerous incidents where I’ve seen celebrities and my conclusion remains same. They never look as good as they do on screen. So that’s about film stars, who are supposed to look good. But what about those celebrities who are not? Like cricket stars? Now my experience with sports stars is limited, Rahul Dravid was sweet, and Kapil Dev was khadoos. But considering that Dravid was just a rising star and not really THE Mr. Dependable when I saw him, it’s tough to say anything about him… Also, its no big secret that Sachin Tendulkar’s friendly demeanor has more to do with his PR and less with his nature. Celebrities are watched all the time, so their public appearances are most often a carefully acted out play. Their excellent nature that we read, hear or see in the media is in reality an excellent PR job… And knowing all this, we are still celebrity crazy! Why, is what baffles me!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Perfection required????

I've been ignoring my blog and it has been sulking big time!!!!

The story has taken a complete back seat and I feel like kicking myself for having revealed plans last time!!! *kick* ouch!! that hurt.... :(

Ok, so why am I putting this post? Because the topic of perfection came up in one of the conversations I was having yesterday, and I remembered these lines....

"If all of us were perfect, we'd be exactly the same
Its our imperfections that make us unique"

What do you guys think?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Independence Day!!!

A little late, but nonetheless, here's wishing all of you ppl a very happy Independence Day.

I found this particular image in my mail today and was immediately reminded of a newspaper poll that I read yesterday. The question was simple, what do the three colours in the tricolour stand for? And very very shamefully, nine out of the ten published responses were wrong. Now I don’t know how much doctoring went into that poll, but a reply like “I had studied about this in school, am too old now and so I don’t remember it” is disgusting, even if it comes from a 58 year old lady. And this image beautifully reminds us of what each and every Indian must know. Before we ask “What has this country done for us?” can we pause and ask “What have we given this country?” Think about it, and most probably you won’t like the answer. Only if each one of us became a little more serious about our responsibilities, things wouldn’t be as they are…

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Its been a year...

Its been a year since the Mumbai floods, and I wouldn't be wrong in saying that the city has been having a stroke of ill luck ever since....

The earliest memory I have of that fateful day is irritability. I was at the testing stage of a large project which was blocking my transfer to the other department. I wanted the testing to complete asap so that I could shift my work and get started in the new role. When I learnt that some of the ppl had not come due to the rains, I was really irritated. Around noon, as I trudged to the lab in ankle deep water, I actually cursed the housekeeping guys for not cleaning the drains! Little did I know that the fault wouldn't have been theirs entirely.... By two, water levels were rising and we recieved word that offices all over mumbai were closing down early. Some ppl from my office left then, some at three, but a majority were going to leave at four - the official time for an early exit due to the rains.... As I left my building, three minutes were all it took to get drenched (I had an umbrella and was walking under an awning!!!!)

But I can't thank God enough for his kindness on us. Those two days of no water and no electricity seems almost a blessing compared to what others had to go through....

As I read the papers afterward, they were full of stories about tapriwalas who who gave chai to the stranded travellers all night, of college students who helped ppl get on roofs of buses, of men who helped others jump on roofs of one vehicle to another and get on safer grounds.... and thats when I started writing my next story, based on 26th July 2005 - the day that changed thousands of lives. Its been almost a year now, and I have not yet finished it. Last month, I planned to finish it and announce it today, but even the best laid plans have a way of going awry. So the release is delayed, but I put up this post today to pray for the departed souls, their struggling families and give a chance to each one of us who survived the day to count our blessings.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monument of Love

Never got around to completing the travelogue, but here are the pics I promised ages ago!!!

At a time like this, when few in Mumbai are grappling with disaster, life goes on unaffected for those unaffected. Part of me salutes this city for its ability to move on, while another is disgusted for the lack of concern. I am torn between these two feelings, not to mention the relief that my family and friends are all safe. We all go thru our lives with the fear - will me or my family and friends be next? I think what we need today is a lot more love. If only people loved each other, if only they didn't hate each other will the world be a truly livable place. And what better to remind ourselves of that than the monument of love?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Some question I want answers to...

The four of us were out for lunch yesterday, celebrating bros birthday a week late… A buffet at the Taj is always looked forward to, simply because of the array of salad, cheeses and desserts that are not part of your everyday meal. But yesterday, when I looked at the lavishly laid out food, I couldn’t help think of the wastage, the poor undernourished kids that are dying. And suddenly I couldn’t eat any more. All the opulence and luxury made me cringe, and I wanted to run away.

Later, when I was in the lobby waiting for the car to arrive, I spotted Karisma Kapoor in the lobby coffee shop. She looked upset, and I said to myself – There is no rich or poor. God puts misery in everyone’s life.

Why??? Why do we have to live in such a sad world? Why can’t we have a happy world? Why is there so much negativity around us? Why do I only see the unhappiness these days?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Monsoon Wedding!!!

Two of my friends are getting married today - to each other! And since it is raining Cats and Dogs, I can safely call theirs a Monsson Wedding!

Hope they have a great life together....

Since I am not attending the wedding, a lot of my other friends are, I was thinking about them and how the announcement of their marriage surprise (actually shocked !) us all. Some ppl actually thought this was a gag! And since my wandering mind never stays on one topic for long, I thought about some other marriage announcements that came as a surprise...

The one that takes the cake is the rumor that a batchmate had come back from his 10 day holiday with a bride in tow! Now why should that be a shocking announcement? Because I was in school and in class four. So the grrom in question could not have been more than 10 years of age! Though is remained a rumor and was never confirmed by the boy, it was spicy enough to keep speculations on. I wasn't friends with that boy, we were at an age when girls hung out with girls and boys hung out with boys and if the teacher made any girl and boy sit on the same bench, the term was doomed miserable for both of them! I doubt even his 'friends ' knew the truth, not that he had many. He was a shy guy and wore baalis in both years. Salman Khan had yet not arrived on the scene and a guy with baalis in both his ears was not a cool dude then - he was wierd! I left the school the next year and lost touch with all the friends there.... so I don't know what happened to that guy.... in fact I had forgotten all about him till this morning, when I was thinking about the monsoon wedding I was about to miss today. Just thought, how did a guy of 10 years handle all that pressure then? Even if he wasn't married, he wasn't doing anything about the rumors and jibes. And if he was, Gosh! Grown ups find it tough to handle an arranged marriage.... and they were just kids!

The second - this guy in my class gets married in the eighth sem and tells us only after the result was out. We suspected he was engaged, but marriage is something else! And save for three four chaps in his group, the rest of the class knew about his marriage a good six months after he had been married. And he sure was embarrased about it!

And thats it for now - haven't suffered so many shocks you see! But if there are anymore coming my way, i just might blog about it....

Monday, June 26, 2006


There is so much negativity around me these days. Everywhere I go, its there. Its like a mist that hangs in the air making it thick, tough to breathe. I'm so lost these days, I just don't know what to do.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

KANK gets a thumbs down!

Have been listening to KANK's music for the last four days, and I still can't hum a song if it is not playing along. What this means is that I didn't like the songs much - they are just like KKHH and KHNH, very Karan Joharish!

I keep going back to listen to Gangster every time KANK ends. Are my tastes changing????

KANK = Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
Stars: AB, AB jr, SRK, Rani, Preity
Dir: Karan Johar
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Thursday, June 15, 2006

words of wisdom...

"The world is full of willing people.
Some willing to work, the rest willing to let them!!!!!"

Whoever said these has definitely been to my office!!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


First it was Ricky and then it was Silky – both tagged me and gave me different alphabets! And the good girl that I am, I just cudn’t say no. So here it is, the alphabet taggie. M for Ricky and S for Silky…

  1. Mom – Everybody loves mom, and I am no exception!
  2. Me – When I saw the letter M, the first thing that flashed through my mind was my nickname, which begins with M! So I identify with M about as much as I do with A! But that’s not the only reason for saying Me. There is another, a much bigger reason… which is that me happens to be very important. A friend once told me that my world is divided into circles. The outermost circle has my acquaintances, then friends, then close friends and relatives, then my immediate family and at the centre of it all is me! So very true it is coz that’s exactly how I am. I give a lot of importance to me. Bottom line, I am selfish…
  3. Music – This had to be there, considering how much music I listen to these days! It’s rarely ever that I completely concentrate on music, for its always playing in the background whether I’m studying or reading or working. There is nothing like the peaceful hum of Gayatri Mantra or chants of Hare Krishna early in the morning, the soft crooning of Lata, Rafi and Kishore in the day and an occasional zing of today’s music… Trust me; music can make even the most irritating of tasks bearable!
  4. Movies – A true blue Bollywood fan I used to be. Used to see all kinds of films and even enjoy lots of them! But over the last few years, as I have become busier my tolerance has gone down. I watch few films these days. Have not seen RDB yet and saw Swades only recently on TV, that too after getting about a million rave reviews. But I seriously love good commercial cinema and comedies of yesteryears… Sadly, they don’t make ‘em like that anymore!
  5. Mindgames – A synonym for puzzles. I love doing puzzles and have been cracking them ever since I remember. But I can’t do the mathematic one. Word games are my absolute favourite, closely followed by logic games. Sometimes when I am feeling low, solving a good puzzle really cheers me up! A Mindgame for you guys – Form as many English words as possible from the word PLANETS. The words you form need to have at least three letters. Let me know your count!
  6. Moolah – Money Money Money! Is money important? Yeah, important enough to be included here but not so that I obsess over it. Nobody likes not having money and I am no exception. But all the same, I’ve never given it too much importance, so much so that I lend money and forget, and I borrow money and forget!
  7. Morality – Each one of us has our own morals. The elders say that morals fall with every generation. In this world of ‘chalta hai’ and ‘you have to succeed’ are morals important? To me they are! How much - a lot!
  8. Mush – I can’t stand mushy stuff these days. Especially the ultra mushy e-mails that random ppl keep forwarding. They don’t even know you well and will send mails like you are their life and soul. Such a bunch of crap.
  9. Mumbai – My city, my home! I love the city. Its spirit, its tendency to accept all sorts of ppl, and the ability to let you be. Though the falling infrastructure levels pain me, I can’t stop loving the city…
  10. Masti – How could I leave this out? Now if you think I am talking about the film, you are wrong! I am talking about pure, unadulterated fun. We have so many frustrated and unhappy souls around because no one does masti anymore. That’s why I try to do as much masti as I can. Pulling each others leg at lunch, at work, at home – all the masti to keep me happy!

  1. Smile – A smile is a curve that can set many things straight. I agree. A genuine smile just lights up the face. I really can’t stand fake smiles a-la Aishwarya Rai, nor can I stand ppl who don’t smile. I mean, ek muskaan mein unka kya jaata hai?
  2. Style – Having a style of your own is such a cool thing. I really admire the ppl who are stylish and slightly envious of those who are effortlessly stylish. Then again there are those who will blindly copy others or embrace fads and look like fools… Being stylish is so much better than being trendy. No?
  3. Sunflower – Not my favourite flowers and I never used to like them much till a few years back. We were going on a vacation and I was reading a book, paying no attention to the scene outside. After a while mom asked me look out of the window. I did and saw a vast expanse of sunflower field to my left. Acres and acres of sunflowers. Some scene that was. I quite like the flowers since that day!
  4. Sleep – I love to sleep. Period!
  5. Soch – Soch or thought travels faster than anything possible. It is capable of so many things – wonderful and creative or evil and horrible. Depends on us which direction we take our soch to. And keeping it on the right track is really a tough task. It has a tendency to wander off into tangents at very odd moments!
  6. Satisfaction – A big word and an even bigger significance for me. For me, satisfaction is the most important thing. I am miserable if I am not satisfied with my work, my studies or anything in life! Same goes with a lot of ppl I guess. But its so easy to be dissatisfied with what you have. I even did a post on it once. You can read it here.
  7. Solo – Solo used to be the name of the ice candy we used to eat way back in junior college. My fav flavour was Orange (still is, btw!) and I remember having it slowly, sucking all the juice out of the candy. Kya din the woh…
  8. Singing – My only regret in life (and I can’t do anything about it) is that I can not sing :(
  9. Surfing – I can’t simply surf the net. In fact even when I need information, I find surfing the net really irksome. I just dunno how ppl can spend hours and hours on the net, doing nothing and just surfing…
  10. Stilettos – The ultimate feminine shoes! And I can’t wear those narrow high heals. But they do look super and just spunk up the outfit with which they are worn. But damn painful for the feet!

    I am not tagging anyone for the simple reason that most of you have been tagged already… but I’ll take Ricky’s cue and gladly give you an alphabet if you ask for it!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Just Rambling on...

My creativity seems to be dead! Can’t write anything. My story is lying unattended in the drawer, as is my new painting. Why is this happening??? But I’m not feeling sooooooo bad about it. Talk about contradictions!

On another note, I wasn’t aware how many of my colleagues listen to my music! Oh no don’t get any ideas, its not my music, but the music on my comp at office. I generally play songs while I work and on Friday, I actually got requests to play some songs! Not just that, when I stopped playing songs on Saturday ppl actually asked me if I had too much work, and that they were missing my music! Looks like I can go start a radio station. And you bet I'll do a better job than the citys and the reds and the mirchis of this world, with no Himesh Reshammiya every hour! Come to think of it, Anks' Jukebox will have no Himesh Reshammiya at all. What is Anks' Jukebox? My new radio station ya!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

It’s a season of protests!

In this Sunday’s Hindustan Times, Vir Sanghvi writes that Indians love to protest. Give them a cause and they will protest it! Can’t refute that now. Can we? Given that its has been a season of protests. From Narmada Andolan to Reservation policy to da Vinci Code – there are protests galore. When I thought about why we protest so much, I couldn’t help thinking of my history teacher in class ten. She had categorically told us during a bandh that the bandhs and protest were the legacy of the father of the Nation himself! Mahatma Gandhi in his non violent protest routes, showed us Indians, the power of Satyagrah – when the protestors stopped work and sang bhajans under huge banyan trees. No doubt that it served the purpose. The British factories were closed and the Raaj suffered losses. The method continues still, though the loss is borne by Indians. And so, we learnt to protest from Gandhiji (but forgot to learn his discretion on what to protest about!) and are now protesting away to glory!

The three most high profile protests in the last quarter have been Medha Patkar led Narmada Bachao Andolan, the medical students led protest against reservation and the protest to ban the release of Da Vinci code in India. I have to say about the protesting catholic groups that I am quite impressed by the way the protest has been carried out. Signature campaigns and reaching out to the right authorities is much better than shouting slogans and burning effigies. And now they are ok with the release provided it carries a disclaimer that the film is a work of fiction, which for fans of the book comes as a relief!

The med students used a more active approach. What with protest rallies all over the place. The laathi charge in Mumbai was an unfortunate incident and the YFE (Youth for Equality) is enraged about it. You can read their blog here. I heard a radio show yesterday in which 3 YFE members were participating and two things they said made real good sense.

First is that they are not against reservation per say, but they want the reservation to be economic need based. They want a committee to define the deprivation & economic need and allot reserved seats to those who really need it and will benefit from it as against the creamy layer who just take benefit of the system. The point they made is that someone can be deprived of education at the secondary and higher secondary levels, and thus need reservation to get into a grad level or a professional course. But once the said person is in it, the same facilities are extended to him or her as an ‘upper caste’ student. Then how can this person still claim deprivation and seek admission in the post-grad courses? I agree completely! Now, to placate the protesting students, the govt is now saying that the number of seats will be increased. Tell me, will that not load the educational institutes? Will they be able to cope up with the additional load on their resources??? With many institutes unable to provide the basic infrastructure and facilities to their existing base, we are only going to degrade the quality of education by increasing the number of seats. Has the government not thought of this??? I doubt that they would have missed out on this point. If they still wish to increase the seats, them are they not worried about the quality of education that we impart to the coming generation?

The second point that the YFE made was regarding the reservation in jobs. Now the govt can increase the number of seats in colleges, but how will they generate jobs? And imagine what it will do to the morale of the country if deserving candidates are passed over because of their caste! And al those of us who think this probably does not concern us, think again… will it never affect you, even in the smallest of ways? And if you still say no, remember that

“The consequences of our actions is so complicated, so diverse that predicting the future is very difficult business indeed”

J K Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

So if you feel about these issues and feel they will not concern you in any way, don’t be certain about it. It may affect you – so speak out about it. That’s the least you can do.

Monday, May 15, 2006

A new template...

No, this isn't the one I was working on for ages.... that one had too many files to upload, and was too much of a bother... so I found this one today, and changed the template immediately.... Do you like it?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


While I was coming to work this morning, heard Tadap Tadap Ke on radio. Must've heard this song only about a few hundred times before, but it still gave me goosebumps! (that's why the title of the post!) Wonder what it is about this song... is it KK's voice, Ismail Darbaar's composition, the lyrics or all of it put together... I don't know! I simply love the song.... and its amazing, coz generally, i don't like sad songs, sad stories or sad books.... but this song, in spite of the pathos, is not depressing.... the only other such song that i can remember is Rula Ke Gaya Sapna from Jewel Thief...

I remember I had Tadap Tadap Ke on an audio cassette in college, and I herad it so much, it was worn out! Wonder why I love that song so much...

Sunday, April 23, 2006


GIGO, as any soul enlightened to the inner works of the machine called computer will tell you, stands for Garbage In Garbage Out. What it means is that if you feed trash into a system, what you’ll get out of it is also trash.

There was a story in today’s Hindustan Times about a paradoxical situation – a growing demand for engineers in the industry, and the growing number of unemployed technical degree holders. (I can’t bring myself to call them engineers!!!!) I read a comment that “only about 30% of the technically trained are worthy of getting a job!” Is that right, I wondered and went back to my classroom where half of our professor’s rant zoomed past our heads at super sonic speed, where we became expert copiers from books, guides and fellow classmates assignments. Were we thinking like engineers? Absolutely not!

I whole-heartedly agree that not all technical degree holders are worthy of engineering jobs. Reason? They don’t think and act like engineers. Or to put it simply, they lack the necessary quality one must have for every job – Aptitude. For entrance into most engineering colleges, aptitude is never a criteria for consideration. And it is the lack of this very aptitude, that makes students miserable in engineering colleges (yeah, in spite of the exuberance of college life.) There is no escaping the feeling once they land a job that they don’t enjoy.

So what has this to do with the GIGO phenomenon, you ask? Simply that we feed in inapt students to the engineering colleges and inapt engineers come out of them. GIGO you see, Garbage In, Garbage Out. These students, who turn into inefficient (and sometimes unemployed engineers) are the worst hit. They are expected to take life-defining decisions at the age of fifteen, with little or no help provided to them. How in the Heaven’s name can a tenth class student decide to be an electronics engineer when he hasn’t so much as heard of a diode? How will a girl of fourteen know she can make a good neuro-surgeon when she has never laid hands on a scalpel? Is it really the fault of these young students to opt for engineering or MBA following the lure of overseas positions and MNC jobs paying high salaries? Their parents, their teachers all talk about future prospects in a particular field, who talks to them about aptitude? Who tells them that for every one person who has excelled in the field of engineering and medicine, there are ten others who have not, who are unhappy and dissatisfied? Who tells these bright ambitious middle class students that there are so many career options available?

When I was a teenager about to choose a field, other career options like teaching, architecture, interior designing were ‘soft options’ or for those who could not get into professional courses. There was a social stigma attached to these careers. That, combined with the lack of aptitude evaluation led to basically two choices – medicine or engineering. Why do we take such blind risk with our lives? Why can’t our school courses include aptitude evaluation?

Wouldn’t it be great if we were tested for our natural ability to do things as well as ability to learn? And then shown the direction our life could take. So that when we walk into a college, it will be towards a career, not a meaningless degree. So that every professionally qualified individual became an asset to our country, not a liability joining the throngs of the unemployed. So that all of us loved our jobs, leading contented lives. So that all of us found our happiness within ourselves.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The results...

Kayde se to this should have been up yesterday, but thew little time I had yesterday was devoted to fixing the screwed up template.... what you see is a temporary one.... have two three templates lined up and will decide soon which one to dress my blog with. But thi post, all you would have guessed is not about templates, its about results.
The first one is the result of the contest that had been running on my blog. For those who came in late, it was called My favourite story by DJ contest and from March 6, I've put up contest rules, the five nominations, behind the scenes tidbits on all nominations and finally the voting began on 3rd of April. Before I announce the result, let me thank all those who participated in the contest and voted! And now, the answer to the question I've been seeking. The Fav Story by DJ is.....

*thunder, clap, drum roll*
The Independence Day
*thunder, clap, drum roll*

To read more about the story, click here. To read the story itself, click here.
For those of you who have been reading this post carefully, I said in the first para that this post was about results (yeah, results in plural, not singular!) So that means that there should be atleast two results in this post. Right? The second result is not of a poll or exam or anything, it is the result of inspection (or introspection) of my blog. I realised some days back that my blog has stories, poems, reviews, taggies but not my feelings. Perhaps it was a subconcious decision to not bare my soul onto my blog. Not that i'm planning to do that now, but I wan to post a little more about my thoughts an opinions on everyday things.... things other than books and movies that I've talked about till now... Just to try and broaden my horizons as a writer! So there are going to be a lot more ramblings on Anks' Ramblings...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Voting continues...

Hey ppl, all good things must come to an end... but some good things can be extended! Just like this contest... :)

Owing to my work piling on and on, the last voting date has been extended by a week! Yeah, last date of voting is now 18th April.......!

So all those who haven't already done it, do it

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Voting Begins...

All right, so all the nominations are out and your job is about to begin!

But before we do that, a quick recap of the nominations are rules. The five stories DJ picked as nominations are:

Independence Day: The blockbuster thriller, Dan Brown meets Deepak Jeswal
Indraprakash- The Sparkle Of Rain: The short story that shook us all
The Morning After: The feminist's delight
Naman Geeta: The only Rom-Com DJ has written
Where The Heaven Meets The Earth: A Saga of emotions, set against the backdrop of partition

You can read all of them at the contest blog

And once you've done that, it will be time to cast your vote (or rather votes!) Click here for the voting rules. Or, if you are lazy like me, here they are again...

You may have noticed that there was no provision for comments on the contest blog... But, now that the nominations are declared, can you start commenting. You need to vote for the story by commenting in the comment section after each story. Your vote should say, "This is My Fav Story by DJ". Simple? Yeah, but do remember that:

1) You can comment only once on each story. If there are two comments on one story by the same person, the vote gets nullified.
2) Since the competition is tough and the selection is difficult, each person can vote for two stories. But that's it. If you try to vote for more than two, then all your votes will be nullified.

3)In case the story is posted in two parts, do make sure to vote on the second part.
4) Voting on till 10th april 11:59 pm!

So what are you waiting for? Get set, and go! :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The final nomination

The last nomination is another story declared a blockbuster long before it was over. And once again, DJ was collaborating with a blogger. No points for guessing which story this is. So lets hear, errr read it from the editor, Priyangini Mehta.

When after The Independence Day, Deepak's first thriller but the last long story for he year, when he wrote a morose post about not being able to write and wanting to take a break, I was genuinely sad because I missed his writing. I think when almost everyone was understanding and sensitive I was downright unsympathetic and angry. I waited for some time and slowly when he did not write for about a month, I started my nagging. I nagged him on the blog, on YM, on the phone until I think he started to avoid me.

Then to improve his bad mood, I gave him a plot, a comic one because he had not attempted the genre. The plot did not seem to inspire him so one day when I thought of a plot which was about human emotions and relationships I knew it was bang on. I sent it to him and started my nagging again, I nudged him and pushed him to write. He did not budge so I shut up, not wanting to make him hate me. Then came the bloggeratti, I knew that if Meera won, he would write, so I waited. I was going to restart the nagging if Meera won and he still did not write but I did not have to. A couple of days after the Bloggeratti event, he called me and asked me to check my email, rediff was as usual screwing up so I had not received it. I asked him what it was about and he said he had started to write on my plot. After almost two hours of continuous logging into rediffmail I got the email, my first reaction was, "Wow. I would have never thought of partition as the backdrop." I called back and said I liked it. I also sent him an email. I was really thrilled that he was writing again. In fact when I read the first episode, it was so drastically different from anything I had expected or imagined, I instantly realised that this is going to be a DJ story through and through.

In the next mail, Deepak offered me the position of the editor, I readily accepted. Then began the wait every morning for a new episode. I did not edit it episode wise but waited for it all to come. it was a great feeling, the waiting and then getting the word file eager to know what the writer had imagined for the story. His descriptions were brilliant but a few things a bit too filmy so were changed. After he wrote the whole story, it took me two-three days to edit it. I had gone through it with a fine toothcomb but the problem was that every time i read it there was something or the other that I wanted to change, sometimes it was the placement of a scene, sometimes a word and sometimes the grammar. It was the day before the release that we had a 2 hours session on YM about the various changes. We argued a bit here and there and I once had to reprimand him for changing the topic. After that he took over, made changes from his end. It had taken almost two weeks for the story to be ready. I missed the release as it was on a Sunday but on Monday, my heart missed a couple of beats as the page opened. After the release we had telecons almost everyday, rejoicing the great response. It was really exciting but sometimes I felt that it was being released much to fast. Deepak felt bad for not being able to participate online and reply to comments as the when they came but I tried to do a bit of that for him. On the last episode, I felt empty but there was so much I learnt, I need to thank Deepak for it. I have moved on from WTHMTE now but it will remain a great memory for me. Deepak is an exceptional writer, everyone in blogjagat knows that but my wish for him is that some day the world also acknowledges it and when he wins the Booker, I want my name in his acceptance speech: D"

Well, she asked me to edit out what I wanted to, but how could I edit the editor? This time, its actually funny to see that Pri has written so much and DJ so little...

I will always remember this for Priyangini's one-liners she kept adding after editing every episode. After doing one final editing, she used to do every episode and mail it across to me. Each one would hv something or the other. Some funny ones were - 'what is this obsession with heroine's hair' (if u notice, Mamta's hair keeps coming lose at every other instance;-) ) And then inadvertently i wud make Mamta wear a 'red shawl' - Priyangini's comment ' koi aur shawl nahi hai isske paas kya?' There are many more such instances, difficult to write them here, but the one-liners were really interesting, funny and amusing to read. There were lot of silly mistakes that she caught on - eg satyawan was conceived after Mamta-Sudhanshu's closeness, hence he had to be born 'premature', but originally i missed that ... also, Sudhanshu's reason of death was forgotten by me... then, the years had to be worked on, to match with history.

And then he added...

Just a vain pompous thought - I was reading my own story WTHMTE today morning - as ever cant believe I wrote all that! While writing it seems i m in some sort of drugged state where the words simply flow and only jab nasha utarta hai i realise ke itna kuchh likh diya :-)

To ab jaldi se ja kar padho ise yahan pe, for voting starts soon!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The third nomination

The fourth nomination is perhaps the only mushy story DJ has written. Kind of Mills and Boon meets Yash Chopra. There are portions of this story shamelessly lifted out of Sons Of Fortune, and even DJ admits as much! Read on...

"Again, thanks to Kaush that Naman Geeta got written. Ok, if she can forgive me, lemme just tell u that the way Naman and Geeta meet is nearly the same way she met her Punju man :-D On YM, i wud keep asking tidbits from her dates, and those got added in the story ;-)) But the biggest surprise (and even she didnt know about it till it got published) - during one such chat she told me about an SMS that her knight had sent her. Immd. I knew that it would be Naman's last sentence... the 'rainbow' dialogue was that one.

Initially, i wanted to write out the film 'Khushi' but readers caught on early, so had to change it from the next episode onwards. Very tough. Because to get inspired or pick up the story progression clue, I even ended up reading Jeffrey Archer's Sons of Fortune all over again! :-

Once, while walking back towards home, I kept playing the last scene in my mind, complete with a background music ... I was nearly running, coz I wanted to reach home and write the full story to reach the climax that was on my mind's screen. Later, that same walk route was converted to Naman's walk back home on New Year's Eve.

The 'Nagarkot' scene was thought of while reading Ashish's TPOL. I always felt that in that story there shud hv been a Shimla scene. While reading Ashish's story I visualised that scene - hero darwaza kholta hai, heroine is semi-naked etc etc. Used it as soon as i got opportunity :-)

Got 300 plus comments - my largest ever. How can i ever miss this story! I still recall Prabha, a reader getting hyper at the growing comments on the story he he"

See, thats a rare occasion where a writer admits to taking inspiration... and naming the source as well... so what does the other inspiration, Kaush have to say about reading her own story?

"You know DJ right? The types where every thing is hunky dory and then all of a sudden, the last line is a jhatka???? audience ne yeh bahot dekh liya...toh fir I thought Yash Chopra ne aaj tak thriller toh nahi banaya..par apna DJ can make a true, nice, sweet, love story! It did take a while to coax him..a bit of nudging, hinting, and even nagging sometimes...and then talked to him about me and my B..i guess that helped him visualize what he was gonna do! I hadnt read much of it when he posted it and the first episode felt like that movie Khushi..but then again, he managed to do a marvellous job..yash chopra ki thriller shayad flop ho jaati..but DJ did it!"

I liked the story when I first read it, and I read it again a few days back. Well, DJ had said it seems corny now, but I disagree with him.... What about you?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The second Nomination

This post introduces not one, but two stories. Why is that? Well, after reading the last nomination, which had to be split into two parts, its only apt that two stories be put up back together. After all, we are so used to long stories. Right?

So, the second nomination is a story that had upset me a lot when I read it. I generally don't like stories with tragic ends, but this one was so close to life, that I could actually feel the faces of the protagonists staring out the screen when I read it. As for the author, the story is very close to his heart, one that he was saving for his book. Why is that, you ask? Read on...

Indraprash is a story that scares me, and makes me cry. The central two characters are based on my parents, and picked up from their routine. Even I write these lines, I get goosebumps, ke aisa kabhi ho na...I m too scared, and sometimes feel that i shouldnt hv written this tale. It was written at a particularly very low phase of life - professionally and personally. Two stories came on together-Suryakiran and this one. Sadly, the response on the blog was just about okayish, though it crossed hundred comments. I was clearly expecting more, but i guess the readers prefer happy endings :-) That time, I used to like writing these melancholic ended stories. Still like to, but am now bowing to audience wish more:-D

And that is evident, for the next nomination is a crisp story. It spans about ten minutes, and doesn't take that long to read, but it does provoke a deep thought - How many times have you made vows and broken them? How many times did you do something that you knew was wrong and what did it take to stop you? Well, I thought of this when I read the story today. What did you think when you read The Morning After?

A 'ladies special' - umm, written during office hours :-) Wanted to pen just a piece on a hangover, but converted into a story when the climax flashed through the mind. Honestly, I hv traits of an MCP, but never been one fully. So the ending seemed just right to me as well - dramatically and morally. It got great accolades, esp from the female readers ;-))

Okkkk, so read them here.

Till the next nomination, take care!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The first nomination

The first nomination is the story that was called a hit even before it ended. It drew comparisons with Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and I am sure DJ must've burst with happiness upon reading it. Yeah, I am talking about Independence Day. Here is what DJ has to say about it:

Apart from the sheer bulk, this story is favorite due to the immense research that went into it. It's the first time that I actually visited a location to get the real first hand feel to incorporate in the narration (the museum), and browsed through many sites to get Nepal's history correct. In this story, I used my friendship to the fullest- I simply gave Kaush a brief on what i wanted in terms of North Carolina's geography and her dental office, and allowed her to send me a word file on the same. After that I picked up whatever I wanted. Ashish's help was not only tremendous but pivotal. Again, I just gave a brief, and he devised a bomb that could suit my story.

Funny thing- the chats which Ashish and I used to have at that time. I would go 'Sirji, mera bomb kab bhej rahe ho' or 'arre, lekin india gate ke upar yeh bomb kaise chalega'- if someone had overhead that, they would think some international terrorist organisation was at work ;-p

Ashish unfortunately was unable for comment, but a lot of you would remember the story and a special appearance by a blogger. This is what our Guest star Dr. Kaush says about I-Day:

How did I come into Independence Day? Well, DJ was itching to write again... and he had a written a piece... I think he was inspired after reading Dan Brown and wanted to accomplish something much bigger than all his previous stories. He showed me the first few lines and I got all excited! I always do when he says he is writing! He said this was going to be a thriller...we talked about how things would happen and what should be included and what not. Also, on the side he had been talking to Ashish about it and getting a lot of input. So I threw an idea that ladka NRI hi hai toh usko NC main rakho... i know a lot about north carolina... i sent him some pictures and some info about airport, flight details to india, timing shiming, company names, did background research _ it sounds like a lot but it was really nothing... and then I forced him to promise me that I would be in the story... turns out, he managed to fit me in! hahaha.. we were just brainstorming and I THINK i was just saying aah you could put in a dentist character and then I used my dream of workin in forensics to cook something up and he gave words to my imagination! the office he described was what I want my future office to be ! and then I went off to India and could not read it when he was posting it on his blog .. i also had a copy of it but did not get a chance to read it for a loong time!
How did I feel when I read it?
Well, I already knew the basic plot... so there was no suspense, and I knew what was gonna happen..but when I read it..i was amazed at how well he had actually made the final product! How he manages to tie all ends together at the end is beyond me! I was glad to "see" myself in a guest appearance of course and was also glad that everyone liked it...because DJ had indeed put a lot of hard work into it!

Well, now that you've read all about Independence Day, go on and read the story here. Do remember that you cannot comment on the contest blog yet, so feel free to use the comment box on this page. The next nomination will be up soon. Till then, happy reading!

Monday, March 06, 2006

A contest...

He is the man whom blogsville loves... His stories are super duper hits and their mere announcement is enough to create a flurry akin to a Yash Chopra / Karan Johar release! Yeah I am talking about none other than Deepak Jeswal (or DJ as we call him) whom all of us have voted as the best storyteller at Blogeratti!

One day I read his blog and looked at the impressive (and envious) list of stories on the sidebar... that set me thinking... which one of these is my fav? Couldn't zero in on one and so like any other true blue marketeer, I decided to take an opinion poll!

So here it is....

My Favorite story by DJ contest

The rules are pretty simple. DJ has chosen five of his fav stories. Meera, already a chosen winner is not among them. In the coming days, on this very page, you'll read sound bytes straight from the horses errrrr DJ's mouth. He talks about all the stories and why they are close to his heart. This will be accompanied by posting of the nominations on the contest blog.

Once all the stories are posted, you need to vote. The story with the max votes wins the title of

The Fav story by DJ

Ok, so how do you cast votes? The nominations will be declared (one by one) on the contest blog and you will be given time to read each of them. In this period, you will not be able to comment on the contest blog. (Any comments or gyaan that you guys wanna share with us, or tell an anecdote related to the story… feel free to rant here ppl!) Only after all the nominations are declared, can you start commenting. You need to vote for the story by commenting in the comment section after each story. Your vote should say, "This is My Fav Story by DJ". Simple? Yeah, but do remember that:

1) You can comment only once on each story. If there are two comments on one story by the same person, the vote gets nullified.
2) Since the competition is tough and the selection is difficult, each person can vote for two stories. But that’s it. If you try to vote for more than two, then all your votes will be nullified.

So take that cuppa coffee and get set to read the nominations!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bright colours and words of wisdom....

Got this image in a good morning mail from a friend.... just loved the bright colours!

And as my campaign moves on, I believe in these words more and more...

Responsibility, without authority is ineffective,
Authority, without responsibility is dangerous!
whaddaya say?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Working on a Sunday!!!!

Working even on a Sunday!!!!!
And to think we wanted Satrurdays off.....

Remember the campaign i talked about it in this post? Well, it turned into a nightmare last week - making Mr. Murphy really proud! Who Mr. Murphy? Well, the gentleman who wrote the infamous Murphy's law

"If anything can go wrong, it will"
Thats exactly what happened last week. A series of goof-ups, and innocent ppl (like yours truly) had to bear the brunt of it. Well, the trend continues over the weekend, and a lot of ppl have had to sacrifice their sunday!
Just hoping for two things now-
  • the problems end with this week...
  • there isn't a storm brewing in any teacup...

Will be back soon....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

It tastes yuck - a 55er!

This one is also based on a true incident. I wasn't any one of the protagonists (thankfully!) and was neither around. It happened to my friend, and I haven't taken my friend's permission before posting it here. Sorry about that pal. As to which one of these is my friend, keep guessing!

It tastes yuck

"Uhh, I've had this before, and this one I don't like"

"Try this M'am. Its called Raspberry delight"

"What do you think Aman? Should I take this one again?"

"Not this Jaanu. It tastes yuck"

Red-faced, she replaced in the hands of an equally embarrassed salesgirl, the tube of lipstick she was planning to buy.

the end


Monday, February 06, 2006

A Campaign, A Concert and lots of Confusion...

To all those who have been coming to my blog, waiting for the travelogue to continue and catching a glimpse of the Taj, I owe an apology - A big apology... sorry guys, the title kept me busy...

The title you ask? Yep, the title- actually two thirds of the title. A campaign and lotsa confusion. You see, I was working on this campaign since November. The preparations for the pilot began in early December and it was going to be rolled out in mid January. Since I had done all that was needed to be done before taking off for the trip, I wasn't worried about the campaign. But what I did not take into account was the great ppl here, who just can't work unless there is an impossible deadline given to them. So, after the pilot (which was successful, btw) the ppl went off to sleep. It was after I came back, that ppl woke up and realized that pilot is not the end of a campaign! They need to move forward with the rest of the project and the deadline is, surprise surprise, end of Feb. And if the pilot took a month to roll out, the actual project which is twenty times in magnitude, needs at least three. Right? Wrong! We need to do it till end of Feb. And thus began the fight. Don't even ask what constitutes the fight. But I must say, it is one hell of a job getting work done!

And the confusion? Well, am I under qualified for the job? I'm not too sure... I've been really confused about my career, and lately its even more... I enjoy the marketing field, but this is only the beginning...

So that's the two thirds of the title that's been keeping me really busy... And the remaining One Third? That was what I did on Saturday evening - the time that I had planned on completing the travelogue! Now now now... don't get worked up guys. Tell me, what would you have done if you got two passes and half the Saturday off to see a Bryan Adams concert???
Well, I had asked for the passes, but didn't expect them considering everyone who is anyone wanted the passes too. But thanks to Anna, my big boss's secy I got not one, but two passes! That meant not only me, but my bro (who used to be this BIG Bryan Adams fan till he discovered metal) could go for the concert. Bless you Anna. This was the first concert, and we were quite enthu about it. I left office at two thirty on Saturday, went home, had lunch, changed and was off on the way to my colleague's house to pick his wife. The plan was to take her and my bro to office where my entire team was. We would then leave together at four. At three we get the news that big boss has called for a meeting at three thirty, and even the most optimistic of us couldn't imagine leaving at four. So we thought "We'll leave at four thirty." To cut a long story short, one group who could leave, left at five fifteen, and then we were stuck in traffic at every turn we took. So finally when we landed at the venue, it was nearly seven. There was good news and bad. The bad news was that the serpentine queue was over a kilometer long. And the good news was that the gates hadn't opened yet! So we found our place in the queue, next to a group of firangs, one of whom was a Matt Damon look alike! He reminded me of just how much I used to like Matt Damon when I first saw The Rainmaker. But leaving that, Ocean's Eleven and half of Bourne Supremacy, I haven't seen any of his films. Not even Good Will Hunting - some fan huh!
Anyways, we were in queue for only about fifteen minutes, and the sound check sounds from inside the ground turned to music! What was happening? We could see one of the giant screens and realized that the opening band has started performing. Before we could react to that, everyone left, right and center started running forward. A gate crash! My colleague who had been predicting a stampede from the moment we left must've been scared (or delighted???) But bro and me ran to the front and finally managed to get places within decent distance from the stage. He wanted to go further ahead, but I am glad we didn't. The loud noise during the concert would've killed me for sure! So while we waited for the rest of the team to join, the opening band performed. Bro says they were good, but the crowd apparently didn't agree. They were making rude gestures and chanting slogans. Now I understand that they were all there to see Bryan Adams, but why they couldn't be civil to local talent is what I'd like to ask. Whatever happened to tolerance? Anyways, after a couple of songs by them (We missed their name, coz we landed in after they had started performing) and a salsa to the beats of the new Lays Latino commercial, we saw the ads of all the sponsors. The crowd was getting kinda restless, and there he was… Suddenly Bryan Adams was on stage, and he was performing. If anyone was blinking at that moment, they must have felt he apparated!)

Now, I'm not much of an English music fan, but I have heard and liked Bryan Adam's music. So I enjoyed the show. The highlights of the show were:

The anthem - Summer of 69, which he began with the words "If you don't know this song, I don't know where you've been".

Heaven - during which he asked us to flash our mobile phones. When the camera panned the crowd, all the flashing screens looked beautiful in the dark.

Room service - He changed the lyrics of the song to work Indian dishes into it. There was Saag aloo, curry and Vindaloo - cute gimmick na?

One of the persons in the audience passed out, and Bryan asked the crowd to make way so that they could carry this person to the side. How many artists would bother?

When Bryan came into the audiences and shook hands, they just held on to them and finally lifted him above the crowd. The security guys must've had a near heart attack!

The guitaring by his lead guitarist Keith - that man's fingers moved at the speed of light!

All the numbers he sang with his acoustic guitar. Gimme an acoustic anyday... it sounds so sweet, wonder why ppl bother with the electric!

The crowd... every number became a sing-a-long... It was fun to watch!

Bryan Adams doing a Sher aaya, Sher aaya - Said Goodbye thrice and came back to sing another number, before saying a final goodbye the fourth time.

And thus the concert ended at ten, and we made our way back to home...

The travelogue will made make a re-appearance, in a new avtaar... bas thoda sa intezaar!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I am back!

Hi ppl, I am back!

Its been a much needed two week vacation thats kept me away from blogsville, and even then, I couldn't help a few sneak peaks! Blogging sure is addictive.... ;)

I delayed putting a post up till the last moment and on 7th, just before I was due to leave, I put up the half concocted post that had the contest. In hindsight, it was silly, and kinda dumb of me to forget that some of our fellow bloggers would not even need to move a finger to win! I declare the contest closed... And if any of you want the prize, well comment here.......!

Ok, so about the vacation... Like I said, it was a much needed vacation (me not having taken one since almost two years!) and I was all rarin to go.... Now, any hopes I had of relaxing during these two weeks were crushed by the ride to the airport.... The traffic was so bad; we only just managed to catch the flight to Delhi. Now what was the whole of Mumbai doing out on the streets on a Saturday afternoon, is a question I've been seeking the answer to ever since!

The evening we landed in Delhi, it hit 0.2 degress.... Boy, were we freezing or what! The next day was a super shopping session and bought everything from clothes to shoes, clips to caps, bangles to bags.... The next two days were fantastic! Undoubtedly, the high point of the trip.... We (that's Mom, Dad, my bro and me) set out before sunrise to visit Mathura.... The early morning drive in the dark and biting cold was quite an experience I tell you! We reached Mathura by nine and had visited the two temples we had intended to by eleven.... The next stop was the jail mandir, which is how the Krishna Janm Bhoomi Mandir is more commonly known.... Then we set out for Agra and by three, we had comfortably settled into our rooms at the Taj there (Not Taj Mahal, but Taj hotel!) From our rooms, we could see the Taj in a distance, and after a quick lunch, couldn't wait to see it up close... We landed there in the early evening, when the sun was just getting ready to begin its downward descent... We saw the beauty of the Taj in its various forms as the play of evening light began.... Can't even begin to describe what a feeling that was.... it was bright white first, light yellow a little later and then as the light faded, it turned pink and finally grey.... Once darkness began falling through, we left the monument of love, and decided to head back to the hotel for a much needed rest...

to be continued..... (hopefully with pics!)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Main Chali.... Main Chali....

Hey ppl, I'm off for a few days.... gonna be busy with a couple of things, and don't think i'll be able to post much on the blog.... But to make sure that you guys have something to read while i'm away, i decided to do this!

Read all that? Already? And am not back yet...... ok, so think..... how do you live your life?? Do you know it? Or do you need a quiz to find out? I took a quiz and this is what they say about me...

How You Life Your Life

You are honest and direct. You tell it like it is.
You say whatever is on your mind. Other people's reactions don't phase you.
You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.
You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.

I don't think all that they said is true..... waddaya think?

Finished thinking too? My God! you guys are quick or am I slow? Theek hai.... so here is an exercise for you.... I am posting a list of a few of my favourite songs..... Try collecting their mp3 versions or, if you are not into mp3, try collecting their lyrics...... the exercise is open as long as i am away..... it closes the day i am back..... i'll declare the end of exercise and then you guys mail me all that you've collected..... the one who collects the maximum, wins a prize!

Ok........ list is....

Baharon mera jeevan bhi savaron - Aakhri Raat
Suno Sajna Papihe ne - Aaye Din Bahaar Ke
Yun Hasraton Ke Daag - Adaalat
Uthayeja Unke Sitam - Andaaz (oldest)
Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha - Anpadh
Kuch dil ne Kaha - Anupama
Kya Jaanu Sajam - Baharoon ke sapne
Duniya Kare Sawaal - Bahu Begam
Mora Gora Rang - Bandini
Rasik Balma - Chori Chori
Na Jaane Kyon - Choti Si Baat
Baiyaan Na Dharo - Dastak
Ruk Ja Raat - Dil Ek Mandir
Aaj Kal Paon -GharTere Bina - Ghar
Aaj Phir jeene ki - Guide
Piya Tose - Guide
Yeh Dil Tum Bin - Izzat
Rula Ke Gaya Sapna - Jewel Thief
Ehsaan Tera - Junglee
Naam Gum jaayega - Kinaara
Ab Ke Na Saawan Barse - Kinaara
Aayega aane waala - Mahal
Rahen Na Rahen Hum - Mamta
Rehte The Kabhi - Mamta
Tujhse Naaraz - Masoom
Mere Naina Saawan Bhadon - Mehbooba
Tu Jahaan Jahaan - Mera Saaya
Nainon Mein Badra Chaaye - Mera Saaya
Thandi Hawayen - Nau Jawan
Inhi Logon Ne - Pakeezah
Chalo Dildar Chalo - Pakeezah
Chalte Chalte - Pakeezah
Peeke Chale - Pakeezah
O Sajnaa Barkha Bahaar Aayee - Parakh
Chand Phir Nikla - Paying Guest
Rangeela Re - Prem Pujari
Dil Ki Girah Khol Do - Raat Aur Din
Akele hain Chale Aao - Raaz
Chandan Sa Badan - SaraswatiChandra
Phool Tumhe Bheja Hai - SaraswatiChandra
Chod De Saari Duniyaa - SaraswatiChandra
Satyam Shivam Sundaram - Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Woh Hain Zara Khafaa Khafaa - Shagird
Aap Yun Faaslon Se - Shankar Husain
Megha Chaye aadhi Raat - Sharmilee
Naina Barse - Woh Kaun Thi
Lag Ja Gale - Woh Kaun Thi

easy enough............. right? ;)