Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I am back!

Hi ppl, I am back!

Its been a much needed two week vacation thats kept me away from blogsville, and even then, I couldn't help a few sneak peaks! Blogging sure is addictive.... ;)

I delayed putting a post up till the last moment and on 7th, just before I was due to leave, I put up the half concocted post that had the contest. In hindsight, it was silly, and kinda dumb of me to forget that some of our fellow bloggers would not even need to move a finger to win! I declare the contest closed... And if any of you want the prize, well comment here.......!

Ok, so about the vacation... Like I said, it was a much needed vacation (me not having taken one since almost two years!) and I was all rarin to go.... Now, any hopes I had of relaxing during these two weeks were crushed by the ride to the airport.... The traffic was so bad; we only just managed to catch the flight to Delhi. Now what was the whole of Mumbai doing out on the streets on a Saturday afternoon, is a question I've been seeking the answer to ever since!

The evening we landed in Delhi, it hit 0.2 degress.... Boy, were we freezing or what! The next day was a super shopping session and bought everything from clothes to shoes, clips to caps, bangles to bags.... The next two days were fantastic! Undoubtedly, the high point of the trip.... We (that's Mom, Dad, my bro and me) set out before sunrise to visit Mathura.... The early morning drive in the dark and biting cold was quite an experience I tell you! We reached Mathura by nine and had visited the two temples we had intended to by eleven.... The next stop was the jail mandir, which is how the Krishna Janm Bhoomi Mandir is more commonly known.... Then we set out for Agra and by three, we had comfortably settled into our rooms at the Taj there (Not Taj Mahal, but Taj hotel!) From our rooms, we could see the Taj in a distance, and after a quick lunch, couldn't wait to see it up close... We landed there in the early evening, when the sun was just getting ready to begin its downward descent... We saw the beauty of the Taj in its various forms as the play of evening light began.... Can't even begin to describe what a feeling that was.... it was bright white first, light yellow a little later and then as the light faded, it turned pink and finally grey.... Once darkness began falling through, we left the monument of love, and decided to head back to the hotel for a much needed rest...

to be continued..... (hopefully with pics!)