Monday, March 06, 2006

A contest...

He is the man whom blogsville loves... His stories are super duper hits and their mere announcement is enough to create a flurry akin to a Yash Chopra / Karan Johar release! Yeah I am talking about none other than Deepak Jeswal (or DJ as we call him) whom all of us have voted as the best storyteller at Blogeratti!

One day I read his blog and looked at the impressive (and envious) list of stories on the sidebar... that set me thinking... which one of these is my fav? Couldn't zero in on one and so like any other true blue marketeer, I decided to take an opinion poll!

So here it is....

My Favorite story by DJ contest

The rules are pretty simple. DJ has chosen five of his fav stories. Meera, already a chosen winner is not among them. In the coming days, on this very page, you'll read sound bytes straight from the horses errrrr DJ's mouth. He talks about all the stories and why they are close to his heart. This will be accompanied by posting of the nominations on the contest blog.

Once all the stories are posted, you need to vote. The story with the max votes wins the title of

The Fav story by DJ

Ok, so how do you cast votes? The nominations will be declared (one by one) on the contest blog and you will be given time to read each of them. In this period, you will not be able to comment on the contest blog. (Any comments or gyaan that you guys wanna share with us, or tell an anecdote related to the story… feel free to rant here ppl!) Only after all the nominations are declared, can you start commenting. You need to vote for the story by commenting in the comment section after each story. Your vote should say, "This is My Fav Story by DJ". Simple? Yeah, but do remember that:

1) You can comment only once on each story. If there are two comments on one story by the same person, the vote gets nullified.
2) Since the competition is tough and the selection is difficult, each person can vote for two stories. But that’s it. If you try to vote for more than two, then all your votes will be nullified.

So take that cuppa coffee and get set to read the nominations!