Friday, March 10, 2006

The first nomination

The first nomination is the story that was called a hit even before it ended. It drew comparisons with Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and I am sure DJ must've burst with happiness upon reading it. Yeah, I am talking about Independence Day. Here is what DJ has to say about it:

Apart from the sheer bulk, this story is favorite due to the immense research that went into it. It's the first time that I actually visited a location to get the real first hand feel to incorporate in the narration (the museum), and browsed through many sites to get Nepal's history correct. In this story, I used my friendship to the fullest- I simply gave Kaush a brief on what i wanted in terms of North Carolina's geography and her dental office, and allowed her to send me a word file on the same. After that I picked up whatever I wanted. Ashish's help was not only tremendous but pivotal. Again, I just gave a brief, and he devised a bomb that could suit my story.

Funny thing- the chats which Ashish and I used to have at that time. I would go 'Sirji, mera bomb kab bhej rahe ho' or 'arre, lekin india gate ke upar yeh bomb kaise chalega'- if someone had overhead that, they would think some international terrorist organisation was at work ;-p

Ashish unfortunately was unable for comment, but a lot of you would remember the story and a special appearance by a blogger. This is what our Guest star Dr. Kaush says about I-Day:

How did I come into Independence Day? Well, DJ was itching to write again... and he had a written a piece... I think he was inspired after reading Dan Brown and wanted to accomplish something much bigger than all his previous stories. He showed me the first few lines and I got all excited! I always do when he says he is writing! He said this was going to be a thriller...we talked about how things would happen and what should be included and what not. Also, on the side he had been talking to Ashish about it and getting a lot of input. So I threw an idea that ladka NRI hi hai toh usko NC main rakho... i know a lot about north carolina... i sent him some pictures and some info about airport, flight details to india, timing shiming, company names, did background research _ it sounds like a lot but it was really nothing... and then I forced him to promise me that I would be in the story... turns out, he managed to fit me in! hahaha.. we were just brainstorming and I THINK i was just saying aah you could put in a dentist character and then I used my dream of workin in forensics to cook something up and he gave words to my imagination! the office he described was what I want my future office to be ! and then I went off to India and could not read it when he was posting it on his blog .. i also had a copy of it but did not get a chance to read it for a loong time!
How did I feel when I read it?
Well, I already knew the basic plot... so there was no suspense, and I knew what was gonna happen..but when I read it..i was amazed at how well he had actually made the final product! How he manages to tie all ends together at the end is beyond me! I was glad to "see" myself in a guest appearance of course and was also glad that everyone liked it...because DJ had indeed put a lot of hard work into it!

Well, now that you've read all about Independence Day, go on and read the story here. Do remember that you cannot comment on the contest blog yet, so feel free to use the comment box on this page. The next nomination will be up soon. Till then, happy reading!