Thursday, March 16, 2006

The second Nomination

This post introduces not one, but two stories. Why is that? Well, after reading the last nomination, which had to be split into two parts, its only apt that two stories be put up back together. After all, we are so used to long stories. Right?

So, the second nomination is a story that had upset me a lot when I read it. I generally don't like stories with tragic ends, but this one was so close to life, that I could actually feel the faces of the protagonists staring out the screen when I read it. As for the author, the story is very close to his heart, one that he was saving for his book. Why is that, you ask? Read on...

Indraprash is a story that scares me, and makes me cry. The central two characters are based on my parents, and picked up from their routine. Even I write these lines, I get goosebumps, ke aisa kabhi ho na...I m too scared, and sometimes feel that i shouldnt hv written this tale. It was written at a particularly very low phase of life - professionally and personally. Two stories came on together-Suryakiran and this one. Sadly, the response on the blog was just about okayish, though it crossed hundred comments. I was clearly expecting more, but i guess the readers prefer happy endings :-) That time, I used to like writing these melancholic ended stories. Still like to, but am now bowing to audience wish more:-D

And that is evident, for the next nomination is a crisp story. It spans about ten minutes, and doesn't take that long to read, but it does provoke a deep thought - How many times have you made vows and broken them? How many times did you do something that you knew was wrong and what did it take to stop you? Well, I thought of this when I read the story today. What did you think when you read The Morning After?

A 'ladies special' - umm, written during office hours :-) Wanted to pen just a piece on a hangover, but converted into a story when the climax flashed through the mind. Honestly, I hv traits of an MCP, but never been one fully. So the ending seemed just right to me as well - dramatically and morally. It got great accolades, esp from the female readers ;-))

Okkkk, so read them here.

Till the next nomination, take care!