Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The third nomination

The fourth nomination is perhaps the only mushy story DJ has written. Kind of Mills and Boon meets Yash Chopra. There are portions of this story shamelessly lifted out of Sons Of Fortune, and even DJ admits as much! Read on...

"Again, thanks to Kaush that Naman Geeta got written. Ok, if she can forgive me, lemme just tell u that the way Naman and Geeta meet is nearly the same way she met her Punju man :-D On YM, i wud keep asking tidbits from her dates, and those got added in the story ;-)) But the biggest surprise (and even she didnt know about it till it got published) - during one such chat she told me about an SMS that her knight had sent her. Immd. I knew that it would be Naman's last sentence... the 'rainbow' dialogue was that one.

Initially, i wanted to write out the film 'Khushi' but readers caught on early, so had to change it from the next episode onwards. Very tough. Because to get inspired or pick up the story progression clue, I even ended up reading Jeffrey Archer's Sons of Fortune all over again! :-

Once, while walking back towards home, I kept playing the last scene in my mind, complete with a background music ... I was nearly running, coz I wanted to reach home and write the full story to reach the climax that was on my mind's screen. Later, that same walk route was converted to Naman's walk back home on New Year's Eve.

The 'Nagarkot' scene was thought of while reading Ashish's TPOL. I always felt that in that story there shud hv been a Shimla scene. While reading Ashish's story I visualised that scene - hero darwaza kholta hai, heroine is semi-naked etc etc. Used it as soon as i got opportunity :-)

Got 300 plus comments - my largest ever. How can i ever miss this story! I still recall Prabha, a reader getting hyper at the growing comments on the story he he"

See, thats a rare occasion where a writer admits to taking inspiration... and naming the source as well... so what does the other inspiration, Kaush have to say about reading her own story?

"You know DJ right? The types where every thing is hunky dory and then all of a sudden, the last line is a jhatka???? audience ne yeh bahot dekh liya...toh fir I thought Yash Chopra ne aaj tak thriller toh nahi banaya..par apna DJ can make a true, nice, sweet, love story! It did take a while to coax him..a bit of nudging, hinting, and even nagging sometimes...and then talked to him about me and my B..i guess that helped him visualize what he was gonna do! I hadnt read much of it when he posted it and the first episode felt like that movie Khushi..but then again, he managed to do a marvellous job..yash chopra ki thriller shayad flop ho jaati..but DJ did it!"

I liked the story when I first read it, and I read it again a few days back. Well, DJ had said it seems corny now, but I disagree with him.... What about you?