Monday, May 29, 2006

Just Rambling on...

My creativity seems to be dead! Can’t write anything. My story is lying unattended in the drawer, as is my new painting. Why is this happening??? But I’m not feeling sooooooo bad about it. Talk about contradictions!

On another note, I wasn’t aware how many of my colleagues listen to my music! Oh no don’t get any ideas, its not my music, but the music on my comp at office. I generally play songs while I work and on Friday, I actually got requests to play some songs! Not just that, when I stopped playing songs on Saturday ppl actually asked me if I had too much work, and that they were missing my music! Looks like I can go start a radio station. And you bet I'll do a better job than the citys and the reds and the mirchis of this world, with no Himesh Reshammiya every hour! Come to think of it, Anks' Jukebox will have no Himesh Reshammiya at all. What is Anks' Jukebox? My new radio station ya!