Monday, July 10, 2006

Some question I want answers to...

The four of us were out for lunch yesterday, celebrating bros birthday a week late… A buffet at the Taj is always looked forward to, simply because of the array of salad, cheeses and desserts that are not part of your everyday meal. But yesterday, when I looked at the lavishly laid out food, I couldn’t help think of the wastage, the poor undernourished kids that are dying. And suddenly I couldn’t eat any more. All the opulence and luxury made me cringe, and I wanted to run away.

Later, when I was in the lobby waiting for the car to arrive, I spotted Karisma Kapoor in the lobby coffee shop. She looked upset, and I said to myself – There is no rich or poor. God puts misery in everyone’s life.

Why??? Why do we have to live in such a sad world? Why can’t we have a happy world? Why is there so much negativity around us? Why do I only see the unhappiness these days?