Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Independence Day!!!

A little late, but nonetheless, here's wishing all of you ppl a very happy Independence Day.

I found this particular image in my mail today and was immediately reminded of a newspaper poll that I read yesterday. The question was simple, what do the three colours in the tricolour stand for? And very very shamefully, nine out of the ten published responses were wrong. Now I don’t know how much doctoring went into that poll, but a reply like “I had studied about this in school, am too old now and so I don’t remember it” is disgusting, even if it comes from a 58 year old lady. And this image beautifully reminds us of what each and every Indian must know. Before we ask “What has this country done for us?” can we pause and ask “What have we given this country?” Think about it, and most probably you won’t like the answer. Only if each one of us became a little more serious about our responsibilities, things wouldn’t be as they are…