Friday, April 20, 2007


To say that the last 3 weeks have been busy will be the understatement of the century. Have left my comfort zone and taken to crossing from one end of the city to another everyday now! So it’s easily four and a half hours of traveling everyday, which includes riding in 6 trains!!!!

Left a beautiful sprawling campus office for a much smaller and very far off office. It took me just one day to realize why Mumbai travels by local trains. Its definitely faster and less tiring as compared to road travel. And it also saves money – you don’t need to join a gym. You get all the exercise you need while running to catch trains, getting down on a crowded platform, dashing to secure a seat or standing all the way – shifting places continuously to make room for those getting down or those boarding afresh…. Not to mention the stench that one is subjected to. So you need to crinkle your nose as well. I’m sure Baba Ramdev and likes can invent many new Aasans just by observing the way people travel in the trains. :)

Oh hell, does it look like I am complaining? No I am not. Absolutely not! Coz I knew what was getting into. Like I said to someone the other day, nobody put a gun to me head and asked me to do this. So I am cool about it. It gives me the chance to listen to a lot of music – though the quality of the radio stations leaves a lot to be desired. I can play as many Sudoku games as I want on my new cell (It used to be a fight for doing the newspaper Sudoku’s earlier at home) and I can also read – without interruptions (Now only if I can join the library back, I won’t have to bother about getting books. I think my library even started a deliver to home service… lemme chk up on that) I also met two very old friends – one of them I hadn’t spoken to for years and the other for months! And I think very soon, I’ll take to writing on my cell while traveling – the way I used to earlier… only difference is that those used to be short posts and these will be long…. Really long I guess!!!

Some things may have changed, but it is still the same old me…
Its direction may have changed, but life is still the same old dream…