Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did you find your way?

"How many miles must a man walk before he knows where he wants to go?"

These words from Geetly's first blog entry made me pause and think.... pause my week's worth of piled on work and think hard about where I am headed. Do I know where to go? And to be honest, I can't answer that question in affirmative. I have always been fiercely jealous of people who say they have their life all figured out and equally sceptic too. I once talked to a guy who at 26, said he had the next 50 years of his life all planned out. He had a plan A, plan B and plan C!!! Dude, have you experienced all that life has to offer already? Do you even know all that it can offer? How have you planned out your life??? I don't even have my professional goals all mapped out... "Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?" draws a response of "On earth sir, I can't imagine living on the moon" (and with a straight face too, I am dead serious here)

I digressed (as usual!) and so will get back to what the sentence made me think... 26 years of life, 10 years of schooling, 6 years of college, almost 5 years of working and I still have not figured out the direction. I am the drifter, the maverick who wants to live all the moments life has to offer, who wants to tell stories to world, see that smile, hear that laughter. I am that ambitious one who wants the COO's to praise her, who wants to be the best player in the team. I am the artist who wants to capture the beauty of the worl thru her camera, thru her paintbrush. I am the daughter, that sister, that wife that her family adores. I am a lover of life, love all the joy it has to offer and greedy for more...

When would I figure out my direction? Should I figure out my direction? Have you figured out yours?