Monday, May 11, 2009

Falling Flowers...

Fading petals, originally uploaded by anksy06.

The one thing with thoughts is that if you don’t capture them when they appear, they get lost... often to not return, just like a moment in time that never comes back. So I had this thought that was weird, way too weird. I thought of a flower that has fallen from a tree… When the flower was up at the tree, it made the tree more beautiful. Smiling amongst the green leaves, it was a symbol of the tree’s health, its bounty. After falling from the tree, it gets picked up and makes something else beautiful. At the feet of a deity, it inspires devotion. It could be entwined in the locks of a lady, adding its fragrance to her beauty. It could be added to a vase or a decorative arrangement, a gracious welcome for a guest.

But what if it doesn’t reach the ground? What if it drifts in the wind… twisting, twirling, and floating in mid air? It is no longer a part of the tree, and not a part of anything on the ground either. It doesn’t belong and is lonely in this whole universe… imagine being that flower… mortifying, no?