Saturday, June 05, 2010

Guess What?

Half of my world knows this... I might let the other half and beyond know it too.... I have been hiding a growing secret within me since Jan...! Well, those of you who have figured it out... good for you... those who haven't... read the pointers!

My wardrobe is becoming fast obsolete... I can't wear my pretty clothes anymore. Makeup has come to my rescue big time. I wasn't too much into make up. My everyday routine was face wash and moisturizer before running out of the door. Constant chapped lips meant lip balms or occasional lipstick. But now, I am using a lot more makeup. That's the self esteem booster when you start waddling like a duck. Now those who don't agree with me are welcome to their own opinions, but I strongly believe that when you are looking good, you feel good too... it may be at a superficial level, but it works! Oh and by the way, the reverse works too... :) that perhaps explains the glow on the bride's face on her wedding day... i wudn't attribute all of it to make up!

This summer, I really felt the heat... Honestly, I was sweaty and hot the whole time. The AC guy in my office is fed up of calls and I was constantly sipping on cool water. Actually, I still am.... the good part is that I drank more water than ever before. Really hoping I stick to the habit! Speaking of habits, I went back to my fruit eating habit!!! Post marriage, that somehow slipped away... but now, the emphasis on healthy eating meant going back to fruits and am so glad I did... I do love my melons, cherries, lychees and bananas.... and of course.... mangoes! Whats a summer without mangoes? This is definitely not the first time I mention mangoes on this blog now, is it? :)

Apart from all the medicines, cautions, precautions, advice etc.... life has been going on as usual... A couple of people have asked me - Are you enjoying this period? The most natural reaction is yes... but then if someone were to ask me the thing I loved most... I'd be kinda stumped! I guess its the anticipation of what is to come... a bitter sweet feeling of the joys and the responsibilities! Oh, and picking out names comes a close second!