Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Been so long... 6 years!!!

On 30th November, this blog hit the 6 year mark... Though I have been on snooze for long long periods, there have been bursts of activity here between long pauses.... but still 6 years!!! OMG :O

How my blogging has changed... at first, it was all about my stories, then came in musings, some film and music talk, my poems and then the fear of revealing too much, of hurting ppl I knew and the silence...multiple revivals and silence again... sometimes I just had nothing to say and at others, I was just too scared. I am mostly a blog reader these days, I subscribe to loads of blogs and write a lot less. My excuse is the time, but that is just an excuse. I do know that I will never be a post everyday kind of blogger, but can try and keep this place more lively... nahi?

I can say that in last 6 years, my blogging communities have changed drastically. At the start, it was abt public issues, thoughts and ideologies, music and film preferences, book reviews and lots of stories. Personal blogging was rare. Then, there were lots of ppl talking abt their daily lives, anecdotes at work, good times shared with friends etc... the daily tales went on to be replaced by daily fashion! OOTD actually made sense and i followed a lot of style blogs. At that time, I lamented the lack of Indian content. But of late, there has been such an upsurge in Indian fashion bloggers that I am delighted! I now am an ardent fan of Indian fashion and beauty blogs and that makes up for most of my reading. Can't say how long that will last but for now, that is that...

As far as I am concerned, blogging is a hobby I enjoy and like all hobbies, it is pursued once in a while. So until my next post, Ciao!