Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am an Indian First!

The other day I was talking to a colleague in Mumbai. He started talking to me in Marathi all  of a sudden. It started with a few simple words every person who has stayed in Mumbai is likely to know. Then, we proceeded to have a full blown conversation abt our project deliverables, agreed timelines etc in Marathi. For the record, marathi is not his native tongue and neither is it mine. But I guess he too knows it from having spent a large part of his life in Mumbai. At the end of that conversation, I was quite proud of not having forgotten how to speak fluently :)

The interesting thing comes next, a guy from his team who was on the cal throughout, calls me and seeks clarification abt a point. I explained and asked him why was there a confusion. He says, "Kolkata mein rehne waali Punjabi ladki agar marathi mein bolegi toh confusion toh hoga na!" (If a Punjabi girl living in Kolkata conducts business in Marathi, it is bound to cause confusion)

What should have irked me that m communication skills were being commented upon. It didn't. What irked me that I was not a foreigner speaking a foreign language. I felt like asking him "India mein rehne waali Indian ladki agar Indian bhasha mein bolegi toh ajeeb kya hai?" (If an Indian girl, living in India talks in an Indian language, what is weird about it?)

It is just amazing how we divide ourselves into groups and sub groups and sub-sub groups. If we as Indians can't accept our diversity, how can the rest of the world? I am an Indian first. A punjabi later. An Indian first and a marathi / punjabi / gujrati speaker next. An Indian First and a resident of Delhi / Mumbai / Kolkata next. Lets just accept it, ok? I am an INDIAN first.

Building Blocks

My daughter is playing with her blocks as I write this... she stacks them one atop the other... on every successful stack, she claps her hands in glee.. every time the wobbly tower collapses she says "dhamm ho gaya" (it fell) and laughs. She then promptly picks up the pieces and restarts her stacking... if only we could always be like this.. celebrating the victories, however small they might be and not getting bogged down by a failure; instead restart our efforts to be successful once more... she went a bit higher every time. Her largest tower was 7 blocks high... proud mamma watches happily :) 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cover the Haathis

So after the madness of cover the haathis in UP, am wondering what comes next. Banning cycles on the road? Preventing use of Lanterns? Preventing use of Lotus flower? Or cover all the idols in temples that have their hands raised in a blessing.

The great Indian Tamasha, I tell you....

On a lighter note, here is a fun snippet from a popular radio spot. The super awesome Mallishka is a riot, I tell you! Check her out on Twitter here

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Wanderlust Beckons

I feel the need to walk on a long winding road, surrounded by trees.. listening to the chirping of the birds, the whistling of the soft  breeze. I feel the need to sink my toes into velvetty moist sand, to feel the gentle waves lapping at my ankles and spot shells on a golden beach. I feel the need to look at colours of a valley, those twinkling lights far below and a canopy of tiny stars all over my head. I feel the need to row in a lake, peaceful water rocking my boat gently as if pulling me into a lullaby. That temptress Wanderlust beckons... but I have nowhere to go!

That was totally random, I know... blame it on all the people taking holidays to lovely places and putting up pictures on Facebook... :D