Sunday, November 04, 2012

Fun Sundays Vol 1

Hey guys,

Ankita of Corallista fame has been doing Fun Sundays for the last few months and I love those posts of hers.  I decided to shamelessly copy get inspired by her format and do this post; since she tags everyone in the post anyway!

1. Weekend Plans?
My weekend plan was a bucket list of things and I only managed one yesterday! The one I managed was fantastic though!! I got my karwa chauth gifts, a brand new pair of trouser jeans and two lippies. Dark was, blue denim and no embellishments. Do you have any idea how difficult that is to find?? Phew! I picked lippies from who had a BOGO going on! Today I need to do tons of chores at home and plan my travel for the week ahead.

2. Have you ever coloured your hair?
I coloured them for the first time about 2 years ago. Mostly for grey coverage. About a year ago I switched to the Burgundy shade in Lo'real and had red tinged hair! This time I went for the Creme Casting Gloss variant in dark brown and loving it completely. :)

My most recent hair colour
3. Did you have a favourite toy?
Not that I can remember. I was more into story books, arts and crafts as a kid. I remember lots of afternoons painting and reading and not many playing with toys.
My Soft Toys!

4. Your favourite season?
When I was in Mumbai, it used to be the winters. The weather was quite pleasant and cool. Ever since shifting to the North, it is the post monsoon pre winter fall months that I like!

5. What are you reading / watching currently?
I just finished The Unwaba Revelations from Amit Basu. This was part of the gameworld trilogy. Creative writing, but quite absurd! So am taking a short break from reading at the moment.

What about you guys?