Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't Talk Anymore

I wish we would stop calling the Delhi incident a rape. Because that is not what this was. This was a brutal act of violence. And like many acts of violence, this was done because the men felt they had the power to do it. They were not afraid of the consequences. We need stricter laws you say. Is there a dearth of laws in our country? Do we not having traffic laws? But we are not afraid to break them because of the lack of consequences. Violent criminals have the same mindset. Whatever be the motive and whatever be the crime, if the consequences are severe then the perpetrators are deferred. And yet, if our government and police are empowered with swift and severe punishments, then be rest assured they will be abused. I say the victim and her closest kin should mete out the punishment to such people. In the presence of authority and the national public. Let the media show it live and let others be warned. And for God's sake India, stop being ashamed of being Indians. Be ashamed of the people who do this but don't taint your country. You are a part of this country too. You condemn the nation, you condemn yourself. If you want to bring about a change, go ahead and teach your kids about respecting women and more importantly, practice it too. Don't trash a bad driver saying women can't drive. Don't comment on a woman's attire in public. And respect the law. Even the smaller ones. Only when you do this, you are setting the example that will bring about the change. Else we can all rant and rave on social media and keep cribbing about the pathetic country; sweetly forgetting the fact that it is you and millions like you who make the country. So don't talk anymore. Just do..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hot Chocolate

I was craving a cup of rich creamy hot chocolate yesterday. I resisted the urge exactly fifteen minutes before setting the wok on the stove. Sigh! There goes my eat healthy resolve... The good part is that I made this with jaggery instead of sugar.

My Coffee Mug!

Do you like Hot Chocolate? I did not like it till about two years ago. Then I came across this recipe on the net that used cooking chocolate, melted it in the microwave and then stirred in the milk. Taking inspiration from that, i started melting sugar / jaggery and cocoa powder in a walk, cooking the mix till smooth and then adding milk. No powdery texture here... smooth chocolate flavour! Pure sin! Yummm....

Monday, December 17, 2012

Second Chances

A friend-colleague (you know the nice co workers who stay in touch even when they dont work closely with you any more and who ask about you and your personal life) got married recently. It was his second one. I know of at least two other people who are have been married twice. Why am I talking about this? Because it is their second chance at marital bliss. I, for one am all out for people who move on in their life. There is no point wallowing in misery about what is no more or what did not work out. Take the time to pick yourself up and build another life. Find happiness.


 I remember when I was young, my mum told me about a family friend. The lady took ill and eventually died. She had two kids who were in early teens. Their dad remarried after a year or so and people did not like it. I do not know the whole story but I do know that the children lived with maternal grandparents after that. Maybe it was the new couple who decided that. Maybe it was the grandparents who were adamant about taking the children. In either case, it was the couple who was made to look bad. Doubts were cast about the new bride and her intentions. I felt sad and wished they could live together and be happy for each other. Today I wonder if they felt their mother was being replaced. I wish someone told them then that this can never happen. Their mother can never be replaced, but you can have another lady in your life with whom you share a similar bond. Maybe I am too idealistic. I just want people to understand each other a little better. Think about the quality of lives that would improve!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kiddo, Shopping and some Girl Talk!

So it has been ages since I wrote. December end is generally slow work wise and there has been a rush to get things done. This checking off items from my to do list does feel great!

The kiddo and hubby have both been battling cold, cough and throat irritations for a while now. Those have been quite bothersome. But the one thing that I have learnt from the kiddo is that kid don't let anything get in the way of fun. Whats a little illness? If she has to play, play she will. She does not care if her nose is blowing, if her temperature is rising or if her chest is congested. The moment her energy levels are up to it, her tricks begin! If only we adults could be like that. Not letting small things bog us down and springing back into action easily :) Life would be so much more fun!

Speaking of fun, I sure am having some planning an upcoming vacation. I have to pack light and capsulise my  and my little lady's wardrobe to get the maximum benefit. I am not known to pack light on vacations! This is going to be baby's first train journey and mine in almost a decade. (Not considering the 4 hour shatabdi runs) An overnight train journey with a toddler who doesn't sleep thru the night! This is going to be fun :) I have shopped a lot of clothes for her that are roomier, to layer multiple sweaters underneath. I fail to understand why they make mostly pink clothes for little girls. Agreed that they look adorable and I too like to deck her in pink. But her wardrobe needs other colours as well. She cannot be wearing only pink all the time! There are many other lovely feminine colours that would look great on little girls like coral, sunshine yellow, mint, emerald, cobalt, purple, lavender and tangerine!

Speaking of shopping how disappointing was the online mega sale on 12th Dec? Being online shopping freaks, we were really looking forward to it. Sadly, it was all hype and no substance. The websites have better sales on their own! And to think they were comparing it to Cyber Monday. I think they will need more lucrative deals if they want this to become big...

And now for some girl talk! I had this sudden urge to arrange my lipsticks by colour the other day. Nothing wrong with that right? Except it was the middle of the night. Can you believe that? Attribute it to husband's frequent travelling. The amnesia bug hits me big time. The day he is back, i am snoring away peacefully :) oh well!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

My excitement levels are sky high!!!

Am soooo excited today! Something that I have been wanting for a while came true yesterday. Too early to reveal, but I know it will work out :)

Also, I have been seeking answers to a few questions over that last couple of weeks. I have the answers now. I know the path and have begun walking on it. Feels like lightbulbs went around me :D

Sure all is not hunky dory yet, but it is getting there...!

Winters have set in and my dependence on hand creams and lipbalms has gone up.  I am still searching for an effective, affordable chapstick. The rate at which I lose them in handbags and pockets is unbelievable. Yes, I have lots of handbags ;)

In other news, my kiddo went swimming last weekend. The water was cold but we stayed for half an hour. Swimming tops the quality time charts in my book. The whole experience was awesome and fun for both of us. Best part was when I got the jacuzzi pool started. The water started frothing and kuhu thought it was boiling. She stepped away from the poolside and said "Garam" Even when I told her it is not garam, she did not agree. I had to step into the water and hold some in my palm for her to touch to convince her that this water was not boiling. Smart, eh?