Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't Talk Anymore

I wish we would stop calling the Delhi incident a rape. Because that is not what this was. This was a brutal act of violence. And like many acts of violence, this was done because the men felt they had the power to do it. They were not afraid of the consequences. We need stricter laws you say. Is there a dearth of laws in our country? Do we not having traffic laws? But we are not afraid to break them because of the lack of consequences. Violent criminals have the same mindset. Whatever be the motive and whatever be the crime, if the consequences are severe then the perpetrators are deferred. And yet, if our government and police are empowered with swift and severe punishments, then be rest assured they will be abused. I say the victim and her closest kin should mete out the punishment to such people. In the presence of authority and the national public. Let the media show it live and let others be warned. And for God's sake India, stop being ashamed of being Indians. Be ashamed of the people who do this but don't taint your country. You are a part of this country too. You condemn the nation, you condemn yourself. If you want to bring about a change, go ahead and teach your kids about respecting women and more importantly, practice it too. Don't trash a bad driver saying women can't drive. Don't comment on a woman's attire in public. And respect the law. Even the smaller ones. Only when you do this, you are setting the example that will bring about the change. Else we can all rant and rave on social media and keep cribbing about the pathetic country; sweetly forgetting the fact that it is you and millions like you who make the country. So don't talk anymore. Just do..