Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Are you Intimidating Others?

Today, I talked to a lady who sounded quite intimidating on the phone. I have met her earlier twice and know that her manner of speech is not pleasant. It may even be considered rude. Having met her in amiable circumstances, I know that there was no intended rudeness. That is just her manner of talking and conducting herself. But, her actions put us on the guard. When I spoke to her today, I actually felt like a middle school girl, talking to her headmistress. The conversation got me thinking. Do I come across as rude in certain situations? I can definitely recall a recent one. Can you remember any such incidents?

Having been on the receiving end of this behaviour, I certainly hope I do not act this way. Even if I do, I remedy the situation quickly. Admit this will perplex the other party, but it will not leave them with lingering negative energies.

source: http://happilymarriedafter.org

Speaking of rudeness, who remembers Stephanie from the Full House series. The way she said "How Rude1" and upturned her nose was the cutest thing ever! I loved Full House to bits as a kid and recently found some episodes on youtube. I still love it!!! I think it deserves its own post...

How has the first week of the new year been for you peeps? Mine was great. I won an online contest and ate like a glutton on my birthday... happy days!!