Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some Interesting Thnigs I have Done

As I grow older nay wiser, I am discovering things about myself that I did not know. I had always pegged myself as an indoor person who did not enjoy sports or outdoor activities. Sports, I still don't but I have come to realise that I am not averse to outdoor activities especially those involving a rush of adrenaline!

I vividly remember my first para sailing experience. It was in mauritius and I could see lovely green water and the vegetation underneath. There were random patterns in the water that looked amazing. The cool wind whipped at my hair and I held out my hands to fly. I closed my eyes and felt like I was a bird :) I recently para sailed again and it was fun...

Me Parasailing

I am sure we have all trekked at school. I used to hate hate hate trekking and would do whatever it took to avoid this activity. So in october last year, I was so not looking forward to early morning treks on my visits to Rishikesh. The first one turned out to be a low sloping village trail that I turned into a photowalk!

Tree Trunk on the Trail

The second trek was a unique one where half the group was blindfolded and the other half was gagged. I climbed a hill with my eyes closed, a feat I am sure I could not have done with open eyes!! Once we descended, we were allowed to look back at the trail and I gasped! If I had to do that with all my senses intact, I would have been panting in the first 5 minutes :) Imagine what a simple shift in focus can do. I wasn't out of breath once in the entire 40 mins.

Another thing I loved during the Rishikesh visits was rafting. This was my first rafting experience and being a complete water baby, I was very very excited about it! And boy what a good time I had. I sat on the front of the raft and the waves hitting you when the raft flies over a rapid is an unmatched adrenalin rush. This is something I want to do again and again :) Oh and I jumped from the raft into the freezing Ganga both times. That was my holy dip!

White Water Rafting
Rafting trip coming to an end
And then there was rappelling. I loved the idea of being suspended by a rope and climb down a hill face. Who knew that I'd enjoy it so much? The ride down was swift and ended a little too soon! 

Me Rappelling

This post was about the interesting things... next time I will tell you the crazy things I did :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Some Habits are hard to break

So am back to working on a bed... with an ice cream float in one hand and the phone in another!

Some habits are just impossible to break!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

You Look Nothing Like Your Pictures!!

Last week, I was travelling. Went to my corporate office and met a lot of people. Some of those I have been speaking to for almost a year now for work but never got to meet. Well, we are in the telecommunications business after all. This is expected :)

Anyway, thing is they had all seen my pic on the company messenger and on chatter. At least 5 of them did not recognise me till I introduced myself. Each one of them told me that I looked nothing like my pictures. Well, thats the truth of my life. No two pictures of me look alike. In flesh and blood, I look like someone else altogether! Does it happen to any of you as well?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

View from my window

This morning as I pulled back the blinds and welcomed sunrays into my home, I realised that all the windows in my home offer a different view. Thanks to the brilliant layout of the architects who designed this complex, the houses have a 3 side opening! So I went to each window and tried to recollect what the view from this particular window was. Not the generic stuff, mind you. The specifics like what building, garden can be seen. The placement of big trees. The details, in short. And I am so not pleased to say that I could recollect less than half the details. And to think that I do this every morning!

The point I am trying to make is that there are so many things in our lives that can be a substitute of this view. A great friend, our job, parents... that we ignore because they are there. If only we paid attention to them more often, we wouldn't forget what they were like. Right?

So last night I couldn't sleep. One of my bestest friends was online and we chatted for sometime. I think we talked about everything under the sun and I slept soundly after that. Somethings only a few special ppl can do... put you at ease without even trying to! Thank you :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What makes me happy?

So life took over again and my blog was neglected... I have been travelling a lot for the past few weeks (nothing interesting or exotic though) and been extremely exhausted!

So I was reading this post by a blogger colleague of mine and she has a series called what makes me happy on her blog. This is a regular feature for her and it got me thinking... what made me happy back in time needn't work that way anymore. My sources of joy today may not be relevant tomo! And if we did not have this constant change, our lives would be so so boring. So shamelessly lifting her idea I want to write down what makes me happy now. I don't think it'd be a regular feature like hers but will try and write down when I can...when the list alters :)

  1. My Baby: A simple hug from her or  cute smile thrown my way is enough to make my heart melt. Her smart alec retorts, her mimicing everything around and joyful laughter are things that make my day. So definitely top of my list :)
  2. A good book: Reading a good book makes me happy. Reading mind you. When it ends, I feel sad... yeah, am weird that way!
  3. Swimming: Even though I am not a regular, swimming or just being near water gives me such a high! It is almost as if the water pulls all tension out of my body! It is not only relaxing, but a source of enjoyment for me.
  4. Awards: Awards. In the plural. Yes, I am greedy. Awards and recognition at work. Who doesn't like that, eh?
  5. Lipstick: Now this list couldn't be complete without a mention of vanity. Could it? I love my lipsticks to the core. And putting one on definitely makes me happy :D
Happy Me!

What makes you happy?

And finally, since I am inspired by another blogger, it is only fair to give her credit. No? Check her post out here.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Challa Ki Labda Phire?

This song has been stuck on my head for days now! I think ever since I crossed over to the thirties, I have not identified with any other song in this manner.

Even with the tongue twisting 'thet' Punjabi lyrics, I was able to understand the essence of the song. Quite a feat that, given I know only urban punjabi! The opening line itself sets the tone. Calling the protagonist challa (silly) and asking what are you searching for... It speaks of a soul trying to find a purpose in life.The agony of not knowing and the feeling of being all alone in a crowd. 

I still dont know why this touched me in the way that it did. Mid life crisis perhaps? I should just dye my hair red and get a tattoo :)