Thursday, April 25, 2013

View from my window

This morning as I pulled back the blinds and welcomed sunrays into my home, I realised that all the windows in my home offer a different view. Thanks to the brilliant layout of the architects who designed this complex, the houses have a 3 side opening! So I went to each window and tried to recollect what the view from this particular window was. Not the generic stuff, mind you. The specifics like what building, garden can be seen. The placement of big trees. The details, in short. And I am so not pleased to say that I could recollect less than half the details. And to think that I do this every morning!

The point I am trying to make is that there are so many things in our lives that can be a substitute of this view. A great friend, our job, parents... that we ignore because they are there. If only we paid attention to them more often, we wouldn't forget what they were like. Right?

So last night I couldn't sleep. One of my bestest friends was online and we chatted for sometime. I think we talked about everything under the sun and I slept soundly after that. Somethings only a few special ppl can do... put you at ease without even trying to! Thank you :)