Saturday, June 22, 2013

Love at first sight!

So I have been told by those in love, "You just have to find the right one. Once you  do, there is no looking back...." I think I just found mine today. Right now, I am high on the first rush of love....

The best part is that I wasn't even looking. I just found it and it was Love At First Sight! With it, my face brightened, my teeth looked whiter and it stayed through coffee, cookie, loads of talking a few kisses to the baby... What am I talking  about? The perfect red lip. I found mine today. It was in the Kryolan store, lip colour numbered L193. So beautiful, so pretty, so perfect... I am sure am going to dream about it!!

Sadly, it was out of stock... but I know that I will pursue it now, and have it one day... the red lip affair, is about to begin!

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