Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Men & Gentlemen

My office has two strings of cubicles separated by a narrow walkway. I call it narrow because it allows only one person to walk at a single time. So if there are two people walking in opposite directions, one will have to step aside to let them pass. I always realise that this aisle brings out the Gentleman in people.

The men would invariably step aside for the women to pass. On several occasions, when I have stepped aside for a male colleague to go first, they have insisted that I go first. Once, one of them even said, "Oh no. Not at all. You first". I thought such old world mannerism were a passe today. Sometimes, I find it charming :) What about you? But that said, if men were to revert to standing everytime a woman entered the room or opening doors and holding them all the time, I'd find it irritating. Talk about contrasts eh!

And then there are those who in their tearing hurry, don't even bother to thank the person who waited or just smile to acknowledge. "There have been times when I hold the door open for myself and a guy jumps in", said a colleague. These are definitely the guys. I doubt they will ever be equated to the status of Gentlemen.