Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Invisible People!

My boss (lets just call him B) was in the city last week. He happens to stay very close to my place when he visits and so the route we take to work is the same. One day, after a long round of meetings, he found no cab free (and willing) to take him home. He was hassled for a bit and then one auto rickshaw driver, who had refused him and was watching for the last 20 minutes asked him to sit. His condition was that he would not take him from the main road but from lesser busy side roads. B agreed.

On the way, they got chatting. And a very interesting conversation it turned out for B. For me, it scared me out of my wits! While talking about crowded and alternate routes, the auto driver mentioned about a 'Madam' who comes on this route everyday and she always prefers the alternate. 'She stays in building X, has a 3-4 year old daughter who goes to playschool. I have seen her many times. Have even dropped her a few times." Needless to say, B was intrigued. He probed more. Turns out, the driver described 'Madam' pretty accurately and even mentioned the location of the play school!

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Next morning, as B recounted the incident to me, my expressions went from empathy about the transport to amusement about the driver's boasting of routes to downright horror about his knowledge about 'Madam'. Those of you who haven't guessed, I am pretty sure that he was talking about me. Incidentally, so is B. I mentioned this to hubby and he said, "Yea, sounds like you. All the auto wallahs here know you". I thought he was jesting. And then he mentioned that when I was travelling for work, he took an auto one day and dropped baby to school. The auto driver asked him about me!!! He recognised baby and said, he has dropped us before. Imagine my shock!

I never realised that there are so many people around us who are watching us. I think of them as invisible people. But apparently, I am not as invisible as I would like. This information bothered me a lot. But, I am at a loss to decide what to do. My alertness may have gone up a few notches but am not sure if I am worrying just without a reason or not.

Questions... Questions....

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