Sunday, July 06, 2014


A few days ago, while swapping baby stories with my college friends, I realised we went from discussing DSP and mobile to daycare merits in a decade! And that we kinda drifted off after college. It was good to reconnect with the girls but I couldn't help think of the lost time.


Imagine the kind of support we could have been for each other if we had kept in touch during these past years. We could have been there for each other and learnt from experiences. In the time gone by we have all grappled with similar issues. Work related stress, heartbreaks, weddings, motherhood. Sometimes, I felt the need to just have someone who would listen.Just listen and tell me its all right girl. You will come out of it!

Now that I have re-found some of my friends thanks to Social Media and WhatsApp, I intend to keep them... hope I do :)