Thursday, July 03, 2014

My 5 Time Saving Grooming Tips for Busy Mornings

Hey there, how many of you face crazy mornings? Getting kids ready? Getting chores done and practically sprinting out of the house to catch your train / bus / taxi or beat the rush hour traffic? 

And in this madness, how often do you skip your grooming? I say grooming here and not makeup because makeup can be skipped but not grooming... there are times I have left without as much as brushing my hair. But then, I realised that there are time saving devices that can be fit into the crazy routines.... here are some that I try.

Groomed Girl
Groomed Girl?

Grooming Tips for Busy Mornings

I try most of these on a daily basis. Sometimes I get lazy and skip some stuff and then suffer badly for it. Writing these things down makes for a good reminder to myself as well.

Using Oil to Moisturise

Apply a bit of oil on your face while you do your chores. Let it absorb well before your bath. Your skin will feel much smoother and softer after the bath. I used to use Olive and Coconut earlier but have now tried Almond and Sesame too. I like Olive Oil and Almond Oil the best for this purpose. Have tried Vitamin E Oil as well but that is too heavy for my oily skin. You can choose one that suits your skin type the best :)

I don't like applying oil overnight as that invariably gives rise to a zit. Again I feel it is my oily skin at work. And lets face it, after a super tiring day how many of us remember skin care?

Substitute Chemical Face Wash for Natural Homemade Ones

Keep a small pot of gram flour / besan in your bathroom and use it instead of a face wash. This one is courtesy Ik from Makeup Monologues. This tip came as a blessing to my pigmented, patchy, ignored skin. A very easy way to give it some TLC is slap on kitchen goodies. Readymade packs and facewashes are good but there is a reason Besan Uptan is a classic beauty fix known in all kitchens :)

Tame that Mane

Get an easy to maintain hairstyle. Be it messy layers or permanent straightening. Something that is easy to style on the run. I have cut my hair really short now and realised that it does make things easy to have a style that allows you to wash and go!

Get Your Skin Care and Makeup Organised

Keep your skin care and makeup stash well organised. Trust me, you do not want to spend time looking for your moisturiser, perfume or hair serum when you have those ten minutes to get ready. I am truly guilty of not doing this and hunting frantically for that lipstick and that liner I fancy on a particular day!!! 

Plan Outfits in Advance

I have only recently started doing that. This tip has served me especially well when I travel. I list down everyday's outfits in a note and pin it on my suitcase. I also pack all outfits in separate poly bags right down to inner wear. That ways I just pick that morning's bag and don't have to spend time wondering! I tried using this on normal days and realised just having the next 2 -3 days outfits planned ensured I am super efficient in the morning :)

Inspite of all these, I am still seen rushing out of the house on all mornings. So, what are your time saving tips???

From my now dead makeup blog Novice Makeup. I miss beauty blogging and hence re-posting an old post here. Been toying with the idea of restarting it!