Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dan Brown's Inferno : My Thoughts

I read Inferno a while ago. Not Dante's Inferno. Dan Brown's. I used to be a big fan of his and have read all his books with enthusiasm. Since reading the Lost Symbol, I had started to feel a bit disillusioned. Inferno just took that feeling to completion!

Dan Brown Inferno

Like every Dan Brown Novel this too had a heroine with super human IQ. Like every other Langdon book, the professor is clueless and is continent hopping on a trail of clues. Like every Dan Brown book, the world will end... I can understand writing in your comfort zone but honestly, that feeling of Deja Vu kills it. If I wanted to read the same thing, I'd pick my well read copy of the Da Vinci code again.

I know how tough it is to write a story. I know it is even tougher to write a book. Trust me, I have tried. As a result I have great respect for whoever manages to complete the book. And Dan Brown is a brilliant writer. His books have the twists and turns that keep the readers on the edge. Just wish he'd develop characters outside his preset moulds.